Quotes to Inspire Your 2014

With the turning of the calendar, we have a chance to create a new beginning.  Here are a few quotes to inspire your journey:

1.  To begin, take that first step.

2.  Surround yourself with the right people.


3.  Put the past behind you.

4.  Let go of your fears.

5.  Just do it.

See more inspirational quotes on my Pinterest Board!  Happy New Year!

My Top 5 Inspirational Quotes Found on Pinterest

After 17 years in Federal Service as a biological lab technician for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, my project lost it’s funding due to government cutbacks and I was “involuntarily separated.”  I am faced now with a huge decision….look for employment within my field or try to take a totally different career path.  I have the power to write a brand new chapter in my life.  What an amazing opportunity.

The next few days/weeks will consist of much soul (and job) searching, but I turned to my new addiction, Pinterest, for some consoling and inspirational advice.  This is what I found…hope it helps you, too.





Source: fabulouskblog.com via Katie on Pinterest