Congrats to all the recent winners!  Please make sure you visit my Winner Policy page for information on how to claim your prize!

Madeline at the White House:  Katie

Scentsy: Karen B.

Dremel MultiMax:  Sue E.

Pillow Pets Valentine’s Edition: Sylvia

Dragon and Turtle Book:  Susanlanai

Piggyback Bands:  Amy W.

Yoplait and KitchenAid Mixer: Jenn

Red Envelope $100 Gift Card:  Carrie Gift Card: Becky

1800Flowers: Veronica

Hefty Basics:  Patti

Elmer’s:  Soha

Pfister Faucet: Betsy

Kidorable Umbrella:  Heather

Snoozies:  Amanda S.


Are you ready?  Do you feel lucky?  Here are the latest winners from Experimental Mommy:

Mama Wants Her Body Back:  Shawna

Blu-ray Player from Redbox:  Ty

Constructive Playthings Cottage:  mframe

PEEPS: Linda L.

Sucre Macaroons: Carol G.

Hershey’s Cookie Exchange:  CJ

Hannah Montana DVD:  Bridgette B.

Bank of America Gift Card:  Kelly

Record a Story:  Traci S.

Tassimo:  Teegan B.

Bialetti Cookware:  Donna B.

Mrs. Butterworths:  Costana H.

Fresh Produce Clothing:  Cynthia R.

Puppy Pursuit:  Debbie S.

Whomp Charmz:  Karen B.

Tyson Anytizers:  Cheryl22

Prilosec Gift Card:  Jenn

Congrats to all the winners and thanks to everyone for participating!  The winners will receive an email shortly. Please make sure you read the Winner’s Policy before claiming your prize!


Congrats to these lucky winners of my recent giveaways!

Mama Wants Her Body Back DVD: Shawna

Vick’s Starry Night Humidifier: Cathy W. and Kara P.

Rothschild Kids Coat: Heather R.

Hershey’s Stocking Giveaway: Becky

Lightcatcher Curtains: Donna B. Susan

Redbox Blu-Ray Player Giveaway: Ty

You will all receive an email shortly. Please make sure you are aware of my winner’s policies before claiming your prize.  CONGRATS!


I am trying to pull as many winners as possible in the hopes of getting your prizes before the holidays!  So here goes another round of the lucky ones!

Cracker Barrel:  Mistysunrise

Klutz Books:  Sheila

Melissa and Doug:  Debbie S.

Freschetta:  Ellen C.

Land’s End Coat:  Bethany C.

Congrats!  You will all be emailed shortly.  Please make sure your review the Winner’s Policy before claiming your prize.


Here are the latest round of holiday winners!  Congrats!

Colgate:  Sarah E.

Expressionery:  Jennifer H.

Real Tooth Fairies: Jaime P.

Kodak: Erica C.

Constructive Playthings: Katherine

Zippo:  Leah

iWave: Tawnda

Carolina Pad: Sharon H.

Dominos:  Eve

First Impressions: Lauralee

Dreamy Eyes:  Cynthia R.

Pillow Pets:  Linda R.

Clorox Toilet Bowl: Angie

About One:  Ruth

Sir Bingley: jr911

Ovaltine: Cori W.

Nestle Paul Frank: Leah W.

CONGRATS!  You will all be emailed shortly!  Please make sure you are aware of my winner’s policies.


WOW!  Tons of winners today!  Thanks to everyone who participated!

Nestle Walmart $100 gift card:  Donna B.

Nestle Stouffers:  Kimberly

Nestle Juice Juice:  Deb C.

Nestle TollHouse and $25 Target Gift Card:  Jennifer B.

San Lori:  Michelle H.

Emily Osment:  Laura

Mrs. Butterworth:  Meagain2

Aquaphor: Pamela S.

Wendy’s $5 gift card: Eve

GLEE DVD set:  Debbie S.

Monkey Around Sports:  lulumsu33

Musselman’s:  Patti H.

Redbox:  Loni

Teacup Piggies:  Traci S.

DYMO Label Maker:  Kara P.

Macy’s $25 gift card: Paul D.

Douglas Cuddle Toys: Susan H.

Little Piggy’s House:  Snowflake07

Congrats to all the winners!  You will all be emailed shortly! Please see my winner policy to claim your prize!


And the winner is:

Innovative Kids:  Phxbne

Pure Zone: Lydia

Clif Snacks: Marci

Strawberry Shortcake: Vickie

Sonic: Erica B.

Tide and Downey:  Lynn

Congrats!  You will all be emailed shortly.  Please check out my winners policy to make sure you comply with the rules to claim your prize.  Thanks to all who participated!


Thanks to everyone who participated in the following contests!  Congrats to all the recent winners!

Little Grips:  Jennifer T.

Scentsy Plug-In:  Kara P.

Nature Valley: Diane

Dominos gift card:  Jessie C.

Dove Men’s Care: Cynthia

Carolina Pad:  Laura D.

Sesame Street USB:  Nicole

O Cedar ProMist:  Traci S. and Stephanie

Cracker Barrel Rocking Chair:  Lori A.

Name Crosses:  Jennifer

Tie Buddies:  Thao

Orange Circle Studio: Jana

FoldTuk Roaster:  Donna B.

The winners will be emailed shortly.  Please review my winner’s policy and claim your prize accordingly.



Congrats to this round of winners!  You will all receive an email shortly.  Please see my Winner’s Policy for instructions and guidelines!

Thanks to everyone who entered!

Bordens:  Valancia

Voskos:  Jackie

Hasbro Card Games: Tiffany

Step Stool:  Kara P.

SnuggStuff:  Chris T.

Constructive Playthings Interactive Map:  Debbie S.

Infiniti by Conair:  Nikki D.

Little Looster: Audra

First Impressions: Sara

Good Earth:  Donna B.

My Baby Clothes Boutique: Tara V.

Green Party Goods: A Kruse

Patriotic Pillow Pet:  Jana

Please claim your prize within 72 hours of receiving the email.  Prizes will be foreited after the deadline.


Lots of winners to pull today!  Thanks to everyone who participated!

Constructive Playthings gift card:  Joanna

Zhu Zhu Pets:  Laura

Nestle day 1:  Debbie S.

Nestle Day 2:  Nancy S.

Nestle Day 3: Sarah

Nestle Day 4:  Janet

Nestle Day 5:  Jennifer R.

V Reader: Andrea K.

Sunglass Warehouse:  Diane W.

Slix:  Gianna

Ice Box Bakery:  Peggy

Hersheys:  Karen G.

Chili’s:  Bacallsmom

Sleepjoy:  Diane R.

1800Flowers:  Geoff K.

Congrats to all the winners!  You will all be emailed shortly.  Please respond within 72 hours to claim your prize!