Congrats to the recent winners of these Rafflecopter giveaways!  Please check your email and respond withing 72 hours to claim your prize.

Keurig: Nicolaas

Neatnik Saucer: Brandy C.

BOOST Kids Essentials:  Tess C.

BOOST Kids Essentials #2: Patrice



Congrats to the recent winners of our giveaways!  The winners are:

CP Toys Doll Clothes: Kylie C.

Baskin Robbins Gift Card: Eleanor

Hasbro Simon Flash: Brittney

Waterpik: Sandra U.

Toyland Express Book: Sheila A.

Build-A-Bear Gift Card: Fancygrlnancy

Ivory Soap: Crissy D.

SONIC: Kristi C.

Icebreaker Apparel: Sandra U.

Trop50: Wanda M.

K-Cup Pamper Pack: Melanie

Alexia Foods: Valerie

Aunt Sassy Sauces: Krystalynn

Lazoo: Sandra

Hershey’s Valentine’s Day: kyzhere

CP Toys Storage Buckets: Janet W.

HairThingz: Claire

Hyland’s: Christina S.

You will all receive an email shortly.  Please respond within 72 hours to claim your prize!



Beethoven: Patti H.

Barbie DVD: Daniel M.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD: Nan

Cutey Charm Bracelet:  Hoa Lee

Rudi’s Organic Bread: Allison D.

Disney Princess Dolls: Julie

Easy Bake Oven: Ana

Cheerios Prize Pack: Laura E.

Juicy Juice and Cars 2: Ellen C.

Rockboard Scooter:  Tannawings (Ellen)

Congrats!  You will all be receiveing an email shortly.  Please respond within 72 hours to claim your prize.


Congrats to the November winners!  You will all be emailed shortly.  Please check my winner’s policy for instructions on how to claim your prize.

Hershey’s Pieces:  Casey E.

Little Space Heroes: Gianna

Busytown: Lisa

Bertolli:  Donna B.

Unique, by Emma:  Ann P.

Barbar Foods:  Jean L.

Pampers 30 Days of Play:  Ellen

Silk:  Jean L.

KRAFT:  Soha

Thanks to all who entered and to the wonderful sponsors!


Congrats to all the recent winners at Experimental Mommy!  Winners will be notified via email shortly.  Please refer to my winner’s policy in order to claim your prize!

Winnie the Pooh Blu-ray/DVD: Nicole E.

The Popcorn Factory:  Christine

Playtex: Angella

Razzle Dazzle Ruby: Patti H.

Constructive Playthings Play Vet Combo Set: Ellen

Coca-Cola Prize Pack: Cori

Masterlock: Ellen

Bialetti: Julie C.

Totino’s: Jammie

Genie SilentMax: Angella

Nestle (Nook): Donna K.

Pampers (iTouch): Julie G.

Barbie Camper: Terry C.

Let’s Rock Elmo (Hasbro): Karen from SC

Boost Kids Essentials: Rosey

Zhu Zhu Fashion: Amanda S.

Horizon: Renee

Citiblocs: Jenn S.

Endangerbles:  Trixx

Ladybug Girl: Nanci S.

Nestle Back to School #1: Barbara L.

My Baby Clothes Boutique: Allison L.

Gain:  Leslie G.

Thanks to everyone who attended and the sposnors for supplying the fabulous prizes!

WINNERS Announced!

I have a ton of winners to announce tonight!  Congrats to all who won!  You will receive an email shortly.  Please respond within 72 hours to claim your prize and make sure you read my Winners Policy, too!

KRAFT Cheese Veggie Pasta: Michelle S.

Creativity for Kids Headband Kit: Laura D.

Nestle Family Summer Fun Giveaway #1: Geoff K.

Ottilee and Lulu Tween Skincare: Renee

Energizer WeatherReady Tawnda

Glow Crazy: Randy B.

PowerSharp Chainsaw Sharpener: Eileen

HABA Flower Friends Mobile: Breanna

Pampers coupons: Ellen

Sprite Spark Parks: Laura D.

Constructive Playthings: Pauline

Domino’s $20 Gift Card: Kristi C.

American Girl Dolls: Debbie J.

Zaycon Foods: Judith

Zulily: Mandy

Lovable Labels: Renee

Softy Soakers: katklaw777

McDonald’s: Sandra

Nestle Family Summer Wrap Up: Karine

Thanks to the amazing sponsors and all who entered!

More fun giveaways coming soon!


Congrats to all the recent winners here at Experimental Mommy!  Some great prizes this go ’round!  Don’t forget to enter all of my current giveaways and be on the lookout for some great ones coming up soon!  Thanks to all who entered!

Anthony’s Pasta:  Wanda

WhoNu? Cookies: Michelle C. and Barbara M.

HALO Bars:  Alicia

Bailey’s: Jessie and Christina

Constructive Playthings:  Michelle R.

Dreft: Shayna

SONIC:  Ellen

Pampers $300 Giveaway:  Natalie

Anamalz: Anne


Are We There Yet by Aurora: Lisa C.

KRAFT Mac and Cheese:  Donna B.

Go Anywhere Booster Seat:  Jen H.

Aromatic Escape: Melissa N.

Channellock:  Wanda B.

Australian Gold Sunscreen: Kristy H.

Red Envelope: Tawnda M.

Congrats to all the winners!  You will all be emailed shortly.  Please see my Winner Policy Page.


Congrats to the winners of the recent giveaways here at Experimental Mommy!  You will all be emailed shortly.  Please take a look at my winner’s policy to ensure you claim your prize correctly.  Thanks for supporting the blog!

Constructive Playthings Laundry Day:  Judy B.

Me and My Feet: Michelle C

Jimmy Dean D-Lights: Twila K.

Green Town Toys: trixx

Dove VisibleCare: Cathy W

Switch to Silk: Jessie C.

Outback steakhouse: Just Coupons

Modern Light: kittycardero

Nancy August: Laura D.



Congrats to the winners of my recent giveaways! You will all be emailed shortly. Be sure to read the Winner’s Policy in order to claim your prize!

Hershey’s Easter Candy:  Debbiw W.

Pillow Pets:  Reggie M.

Easter Store Gift Card: JoeyfromSC

Tangled:  Maria M.

Kranky Krab:  Steph

Jason Kids: Charlene K., Rosa C., Amanda S., Meagain2, Amber

Just Jen: Marianna

Seasoned Selects: Lois

Last Bus Out:  Anne L.

Timmy Time:  Emily

Domino’s: Patty H.

RIO game: Lesli

Land’s End Man’s Polo: Wanda M.