Fisher Trail Mix Makes Summer Snacking Fun {Giveaway}

My car has become an extension of my home.  I am sure many of you moms out there can relate.  We are on the go constantly between activities and events.  My sweet, dear husband made an effort recently to clean out my car….which he affectionately refers to as “The Science Experiment on Wheels” and when he was done, the evidence of straw wrappers, petrified french fries, and soft-drink lids he found told me two things.  One, my children are pigs (love ’em anyway) and two, we are spending WAY too much money and time grabbing drive-thru food on the go.  Enter my new best friend:  Fisher Trail Mix!

Here’s my son….getting too big too fast….enjoying some Fisher Trail mix on a recent all-day errand running adventure! Fisher made it bearable for the kids!

Fisher Nuts have been known for quality, and now their new line of trail mixes comes conveniently packed into smaller-sized, re-sealable bags for tossing in your purse, gym bag, or backpack.  With 5 tempting flavors, there is something to suit everyone’s taste.  On a recent car trip, my kids enjoyed sampling the Tropical variety with it’s mix of mango, almonds, cashews, pineapple and banana chips.  My son especially loved the cheddar with it’s sweet-and-salty combo of sugar glazed peanuts, corn sticks, pretzels, and peanuts.   Other flavors include Summit (my favorite…..chocolate!), Sweet Nut, and Energy.

I feel better knowing that I can offer the kids something that is protein-rich and full of flavor rather than greasy fries or other fast foods that are bad for them.  Fisher makes snacking fast AND good for them.  In addition, these will be great to keep on hand for offering guests something to snack on, or to use some of the flavor combinations in my favorite salads.  I have long relied on Fisher nuts when making some of my favorite recipes, so it’s good to know that now I have even more reasons to use Fisher nuts!

We are excited that one of our lucky readers will get to enjoy one bag of each variety! Enter below!

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De-stress this summer with Domino’s Artisan Pizzas!

Summer is finally here!  Ahhhh…..sleeping late, no homework, no studying, no running ragged.  This summer, I plan to decompress and spend as much time as possible with the kids. This means easy dinners and trying not to use the oven a whole bunch!  We recently called in for reinforcements in the kitchen and tried Domino’s delicious new Chicken Bacon Carbonara Artisan Pizza!

One call to Domino’s can get dinner to your door in no time flat!  The Chicken Bacon Carbonara is a delicious blend of marinara and alfredo sauce topped with chicken, bacon, cheese, tomatoes, and oregano, all on a perfectly baked artisan crust.  Other awesome Artisan flavors include Tuscan Salami, Italian Sausage and Pepper Trio,  and Spinach and Feta.  Each Artisan pizza is economically priced and will make your family members’ tummies happy!

Here's my hungry son....aka "The Human Garbage Disposal" inhaling his delicious Domino's!

I called my local Domino’s to order and it was quick, easy, and the personnel was very friendly.  In a flash my Domino’s delivery man was at the door.  Our pizzas were hot from the oven and perfectly baked.  We also got to enjoy an order of Parmesan Bread Bites and they are ADDICTIVE.   Domino’s also has oven-baked sandwiches, bread bowl pastas, and delicious desserts to suit everyone’s tastes.   My kids loved their dinner that night!  Domino’s is open for lunch, too, so if you are spending a day hanging by the pool, it would make a great alternative to soggy sandwiches from the ice chest!

Check out Domino’s on Facebook for all the latest information and specials!  And when you order, let me know where to be….I’m coming to eat!

Get a Healthy Start with Kashi GOLEAN! Crisp Cinnamon Crumble {Review}

Last weekend was, to put it lightly, insane.  My son had a soccer tournament both Saturday and Sunday where he and his team would be playing back-to-back games with not a lot of time to refuel in between.  I needed to make sure he ate something healthy and filling for breakfast, but something that wouldn’t weigh him down on the field.  Kashi offered the perfect solution!

Feuling up before the big game!

New to the cereal world, Kashi GOLEAN! Cinnamon Crumble offers a bowl packed full of TEN grams of protein and nine grams of fiber, making you feel fuller longer.  My son sat down with a bowl the morning of his first tournament game.  While I don’t buy super-sugary cereals, I have never purchased Kashi before, so I wasn’t sure how he’d react. The Cinnamon Crumble is a brand-new flavor but a good friend has sworn by Kashi cereals for years with her two kids.  I had nothing to worry about….he loved it!  I had a bowl too and agree that it’s the perfect blend of cinnamon and crunch.  It’s not overly sweet, but it definitely lacks the cardboard taste some high-fiber cereals have.  I have since added it to my weekly grocery list!

The best news is that he stayed full with the long and active morning, and had a great game! Later in the week we tried the Berry Blossoms  before another game and enjoyed it as well.   I am so glad to find something that is good for my family, quick for busy mornings, and budget-friendly.  Kashi offers something for every type of taste bud in your house…even the picky ones!  Check out Kashi on Facebook  to learn more and maybe even win a little food that’s good for you!

This post is the opinion of Jennifer of Experimental Mommy.  Others may have a differing opinion of the product.  While a sample was received to facilitate this review, all opinions remain 100% honest.

Enjoy the Taste of Italy with Nipozzano Wine {Review}

Sometimes I feel like Michelle Duggar….you know that lady with 19 kids?  I only have two, but with the schedule we keep, I FEEL like I have 19.  Last week, in a nutshell, we had softball on Monday, soccer on Tuesday, gymnastics and softball on Wednesday, I had a meeting at school on Thursday, and then Soccer again on Friday.  So by the time I get home in the evenings, guess what time it is?  Wine-thirty.

Kids? What kids? LOL

Thanks to Folio Wine Partners, I was recently introduced to Nipozzano Riserva Chianti. WOW!  This wine is fabulous! Nipozzano is produced by one of the most significant wineries in Italy, Marchesi de Frescobaldi, Nipozzano is an award-winning wine that you will love.  At only around $20, you will feel like you are enjoying a much  more expensive wine, but your wallet will be much happier.  Nipozzano Reserva 2008 is deep purplish-red in color and looks beautiful in your favorite wine glass!  Upon first taste, you’ll notice its smoothness with the perfect combination of fruit with a hint of spice for a vibrant taste.

Nipozzano makes the perfect companion to beef dinners, including barbeque, or a cheese plate.  It’s bottle is classically beautiful as well and it’s the perfect hostess or housewarming gift for someone you love.  For recipes and more using Nipozzano wine, check out Marchesi de Frescobaldi’s Tuscany Tonight.  Folio also offers some wonderful suggestions for pairings here.

Look for Nipozzano at your local place to buy spirits, or buy directly from Folio’s Noble Merchants.   There is something for everyone!  Even if you don’t know much about wine….except that you like to enjoy it…..there’s something for every palate.

This post is the opinion of Jennifer of Experimental Mommy.  Others may have a differing opinion of the product.  While a sample was received to facilitate this review, all opinions remain 100% honest.



Summer’s Closet Dolly and Me Apron Set {Giveaway and Coupon Code}

My daughter, like me, loves to get in the kitchen and cook.  Often times she won’t want to change clothes before we start pulling out sprinkles, icing, and all the other things she likes to get messy with in the kitchen.  Thankfully, she now has an ADORABLE new apron from Summer’s Closet!

From the website:  “Summer’s Closet is a boutique that specializes in one of a kind handmade clothing and items for your home.  All items are hand made in the USA. Each piece is designed by our designers and made to order.  Our new line Mommy, Dolly, and Me is intended to help you fill the void of wholesome, quality products for you, and your family.  We created our Mommy, Dolly, and Me line to foster a bond between mother and child and to give children help to get back to wholesome, creative, and imaginative play.”

Emily’s apron arrived just in time for us to make cupcakes that we needed for a school snack.  Emily wanted a friend to help, so luckily, Summer’s Closet sent an apron for McKenna too! Both aprons are very well made, with sturdy stitching at the seams, and high quality fabric. We loved the cherries print on both aprons and Emily loved how hers was personalized!

Emily is whipping up cupcakes......with a little help from McKenna.

Summer’s Closet offers some really cute things for baby, dolls, your little ones, and even Mom. I think one of the cutest things is the Cinderella’s Rag Dress for dress-up!  Beyond the dress-up box, check out what Summer’s Closet has to offer for Holidays, Accessories, and more!

Summer’s Closet is offering our readers 15% off online if you use the code THANKS15 when prompted.  With summer approaching, this is a great opportunity to stock up on some precious things at a great price.  Who knows, with a Summer’s Closet apron and a little practice, maybe your cutie will be cooking dinner for you soon!


One winner will receive a Dolly and Me Apron Set!

How to Enter:

1. Tell me which “Dolly and Me” set is your favorite!

Additional entries:

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This post is the opinion of Jennifer of the Experimental Mommy. Others may have a differing opinion of the product. While a sample product was received to facilitate this review, all opinions remain 100% honest.

Fat Girl Food: Cookbook Review

I love to cook.  Love.  I am so thankful that my Granny spent countless hours teaching me how because although my mother is a great cook, she doesn’t love it like my Granny did and I do today.  Because of my love for cooking, I have dozens and dozens of cookbooks.  I pore over them like bestsellers and mark countless recipes to try out.  Recently,  I was introduced to a gem of a cookbook called Fat Girl Food.

Fat Girl Food is written by Jena Hutchinson, AKA “The Fat Girl.”  Jena does an awesome job of showing tons of real-life photos in her recipes, along with kitchen tips, cooking tips, and downright good humor to guide you along the way.  I have been cooking from the age of standing on a chair to reach the counter all the way to now at age 37 (ouch) and even I learned a few things from Jena!  These recipes are NOT health food…..but come on…..isn’t it time you treated yourself every so often to something that isn’t?  It’s not that these recipes are categorically unhealthy….they are just all “real” food.  No skimping on taste in this book.


After much debate, I decided to test out Jena’s Chicken Bow Tie Pasta.  Which ironically, Jena says was originally a Weight Watchers Recipe…..until she put the “Fat Girl” touch on it to make it tastier!

What you need:

2 tbsp butter

1 medium sweet onion, diced

8 boneless skinless chicken thighs, cut into bite size pieces (I used chicken breasts because thigh meat makes me gag)

2 cups broccoli florets

4 cups of bow-tie pasta (farfalle), cooked

1/3 cup skim ricotta cheese

1/2 cup shredded skim mozzarella cheese

1/4 tsp dried basil

1/4 cup grated parmesan

How to make it:

Over medium heat, sweat the onion and butter for 2-3 minutes.  This is different from sauteing.  This means heat over medium heat, a pinch of kosher salt, and an occasional stir.  Add the chicken to the onion and fry until cooked through.  Steam the broccoli until tender, add to chicken along with cheeses, pasta, and basil.  Remove from heat and stir until cheese is melted and incorporated.  YUM!

This made plenty enough to feed my family of 4 and we had leftovers for another night.  My kids LOVED it and so did my husband!  I have already marked tons of recipes to try.   How does Buttered Pecan Cake sound?  Cowboy Mashed Potatoes?  Stuffed Meatloaf?  Waffle French Toast?  I better break out the treadmill….  😉  Check out Fat Girl Food and feed your family!  The spiral bound lay flat book can be purchased for $24.95 and the digital version is only $4.95.  Remember….food is love!

 This post is the opinion of Jennifer of the Experimental Mommy.  While a sample was received to facilitate this review, all opinions remain 100% honest.

Get Beautiful with Freeman Beauty Products {Giveaway}

As a busy mom, I often find that I don’t do enough for myself.  One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to make more time for ME.  As I get older I am very conscious of my skin and its condition.  Recently, I was introduced to a great all-natural line of skincare from Freeman and found that this gave me exactly what I was looking for!  I can spend a little time taking care of myself while enjoying their products, which are also very budget-friendly!

Never used Freeman Products before?  They aren’t new to the market.  From the website:  At Freeman, we live and breathe beauty. We are constantly researching the latest fresh ingredients and we’ve been doing it for over 30 years, meaning we have all the know-how to create products that are honestly good and are honestly good for you. We know that looking like a million bucks shouldn’t cost a million bucks and we are proud to offer affordable products that make premium beauty care within reach to all.”

Freeman sent me a terrific package which included a sample of two of their clay masks and one peel-off mask, along with a great tote perfect for travel.  The first one I tried was the Detoxifying Chocolate-Strawberry mask and I’m in love!   It’s nice and thick in texture, but dries relatively quickly and leaves your skin feeling soft and clean.  It may, however, be detrimental to your diet because it smells INCREDIBLE.  The entire time I had it on my face all I could think about was diving into the Valentine’s candy.  🙂

A few days later, I tried the cucumber peel-off mask and found it to have great benefits too.  It smells clean and fresh and rids your skin of yucky stuff that makes it less than perfect.   Freeman Beauty offers lots of other skincare products too, such as their incredible Avocado-Oatmeal mask, Creamy Apricot Scrub, and a Mint-Lemon clay mask.  You can find something to suit every skin type at Freeman Beauty!

Freeman also offers wonderful products for hair, body, hands, and feet.  The Freeman line is available at most local retailers and also online.   At some of the most reasonable prices around, you can enjoy many of Freeman’s products for the same price as just one bottle of some other products.  It’s definitely worth it!


We are happy to have an identical Freeman Beauty kit to give away to one of our lucky readers!

How to Enter:

1. Tell me which Freeman Beauty product you are most excited to try!

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This post is the opinion of Jennifer of the Experimental Mommy. Others may have a differing opinion of the product. While a sample was received to facilitate this review, all opinions remain 100% honest.

Six Steps to Saving BIG at the Grocery without Extreme Couponing

There has been much discussion lately among my family and friends about the economy.  In our circle, we have seen job loss, career change, salary cuts, and other circumstances that have caused many of us to take a long, hard look at what we spend and how we spend it.  Whenever my husband and I start getting our paperwork together for our accountant in order to do our taxes, I start swilling Pepto-Bismol because when we are done, we see where every penny went for the year.  Some of it literally makes me want to throw up.  One of our huge money-suckers is the grocery store.  With 2 growing kids, I was amazed at what we spent each year on food.  I decided to do something about it, and my wallet has never been happier.  Let me share my secrets:

  • The first thing I did was start cutting coupons.  It made me feel a little bit like a grandma on a fixed income, but I started noticing that a lot of coupons in the Sunday paper were for things I bought weekly.  I only clip coupons for the things I already buy, but sometimes clip for things we may want to try sometime. Sharing coupons with family and friends is a great way to save even more!  There are several great online coupon websites like Coupon Mom where you can print free coupons as well.  If you think coupons are a waste of time, I beg you to watch just one episode of Extreme Couponing on TLC, then you can decide for yourself if it’s worth your time. And while you’re at it, don’t miss Toddlers and Tiaras.  But I digress……
  • Next, I started watching the sales.  Here in Louisiana, our ads come out on Wednesdays and I have to say I’ve become a little obsessed.  I try and plan my menu for the next week based on what’s on sale.  I also look for items on sale that I can also use a coupon.  By doing this, I’ve gotten brownie mixes for as low as a quarter, toothpaste for fifty cents, and shampoo and conditioner for free.  While I am by no means to the level as seen on Extreme Couponing, it all adds up.  I shop at a nationwide chain that price matches, so if an item is at a deep discount somewhere else, I can show them the ad and they will sell it to me for the lower price.  By doing this, I haven’t paid full price for cereal, soft drinks, orange juice, and many other staples in a long time.
  • Once I have my list, I stick to it.  I completely stopped impulse purchases altogether, unless it is a sale I missed while looking at the ads.  I also stock up on sale items or items I have coupons for, so it might cost me a little more on that shopping trip but it’s cheaper in the long run.  For instance, last week a local store had whole chickens on sale for 68 cents a pound, so I got three chickens for about nine dollars.  That’s cheep!  (sorry, sorry….couldn’t resist) We’re roasting one tonight!
  • Try store brands.  I have a friend who uses almost all store brand items and we tease her to death about it (all in good fun, of course).  I am somewhat of a brand snob when it comes to food, but I decided to try swapping 2-3 items a week for store brands just to see where it mattered and where it didn’t.  Basics like butter, canned tomato sauce or paste, or items that are going into a recipe are usually unnoticeable when you’ve swapped and that will save you money.  Other things, like cereal, ice cream, and bread I won’t bend on.  It’s kind of like Parfums De Couer….if you like Giorgio you’ll love Primo!  Except that Giorgio smells good and Primo makes you smell like a poodle that has just been groomed.  I pay the higher price for what we want rather than something cheaper that will go to waste because no one will eat it.
  • Embrace leftovers.  I can still hear my mother telling us when we were little that throwing food away was a sin.  If that’s true then I need to do some major repenting because before my grocery overhaul, we threw away a lot of food.  The problem was, because I wasn’t watching what I was spending, I was over-buying. We would have five open boxes of cereal in the pantry, so they would all get stale before we finished them all.  Now we have 2 open at a time and you know what?  My kids are fine.  They do better with less choices!  Before, I never went to the store with a list or an idea of what we were eating for that week, so many times I came home with items I already had in the house.  Once I discovered I had three spice jars of paprika I got better about checking the pantry, fridge, and freezer BEFORE I went to the store.
  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY WITH E-MEALZ MEAL PLANS I checked out E-Mealz.  This website charges a small fee to send you weekly menu plans guaranteed so save you big bucks .  They have varying plans to choose from and comprise their menus from a wide range of nationwide chains based on what’s on sale.  I stuck with it for a bit and once I learned the ropes, I kind of trained myself on what to look for and how to shop.  It’s a great resource for working parents who don’t have a lot of time to menu plan.  You simply print out the grocery list and go to the store!

By doing this, I can happily report that my grocery bill has been cut IN HALF since July.  It’s become like a game between my friend and I – who can spend less!  We started doing this at the same time and I crack up at how much of our conversation revolves around what’s on sale and coupons.  But really, having a partner in crime has been helpful and motivating.  I still shop every week, and believe me, we are eating just fine!  I am still cooking our favorites and my children haven’t been deprived of anything they love.  I’m just shopping smarter. We’ve been inspired to save in other ways too, like repairing our own appliances with parts from And with the money I save, I can spend it on things that are really important, like electricity, water, and shoes.   😉

What do y’all do to try and save money on your grocery bill? 

I’d love to hear some new ideas!

This is a sponsored post and is the opinion of Jennifer of Experimental Mommy.

Up Close with McKenna Brooks: American Girl’s 2012 Girl of the Year

Since 2009, I have often joked that I have more children than I really do…specifically, daughters.   My daughter Emily, now 7, received her first American Girl Doll in ’09 and has played with her so much that she has become another member of the family.  Rebecca comes everywhere with us.  A year later, we added the 2010 Girl of the Year Lanie to her collection, and we are beyond thrilled to now have the 2012 Girl of the Year, McKenna Brooks!

McKenna has beautiful blue eyes!

McKenna stands at 18 inches tall and comes dressed in a sporty outfit for her on-the-go lifestyle as she is a terrific gymnast.  The McKenna paperback book accompanies her.  You will fall in love with her pretty blue eyes and long, silky, caramel-colored hair that will lend itself to many different hairstyles!  McKenna loves practicing and performing her gymnastics routines, her goldendoodle Cooper, and her teammates Toulane and Sierra.

Emily, McKenna, and Lanie having a tea party!

Playing with her American Girl dolls is a daily routine for Em.  She adores setting them up to have tea, play school, or play with the many pets that are available.  She can’t get enough of the adorable outfits American Girl offers, and loves changing their clothes to suit where we are going!  Emily’s best friend has three American Girl dolls as well, and whenever she comes over they play for hours.  I love how the dolls offer a great avenue for creativity and imagination.  I also love how the books teach little girls wonderful life-lessons, such as how to overcome adversity and problem-solve.  No meek and mild girls here!  All of the American Girls are smart, resourceful, and excellent role models.

We can't wait to add to our McKenna collection! McKenna has a wide variety of outfits and accessories to suit her every need.  Emily had to check it out (with McKenna of course) to see what she might like to add next to her ever-growing collection.  The beam and bar are adorable and McKenna can really “grip” the bar to perform her practice routine!  Her outfits are adorable, my favorite being the school outfit that we HAVE to have, complete with rain gear, of course.  Last but not least, McKenna’s Loft Bed Set is like no other American Girl bed I’ve seen before!  The loft bed has a built-in desk, shelves, and a ribbon board to display keepsakes.  The bed set includes an adorable quilt and bedding, pet hamster, books, a gymnastics trophy, and much more.   In fact, Santa just came to our house and Emily already has the Loft Bed Set on her next Christmas list!

If your daughter doesn’t have an American Girl yet, 2012 is the time to start!  McKenna is simply beautiful and her collection is fabulous!  If your daughter has already started her American Girl collection, McKenna will be a great new friend for the dolls she already has!  American Girl has done it again with McKenna…..a beautiful, smart, and courageous Girl of the Year!

This post is the opinion of Jennifer of Experimental Mommy.  Others may have a differing opinion of the product.  While a product sample was received to facilitate this review, all opinions remain 100% honest.


Stay Warm with Icebreaker Apparel {Giveaway}

Here in South Louisiana, you can be in flip-flops and a tee shirt one day, and bundled up in your heaviest coat the next.  Even more challenging are days that start out freezing and by lunchtime, you’re a puddle of sweat.  It’s essential to have easy pieces to layer that will keep you warm without weighing you down.  Recently I was introduced to Icebreaker Apparel and I AM IN LOVE.

I love these faces too!  And they LOVE their Icebreaker tops! Icebreaker uses super-soft Merino wool for its garments.  Why Merino?  Merino is made for extremes.  Keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, Merino wool isn’t itchy like regular wool….Icebreaker fabrics are one of the softest you’ll put on your skin.

Icebreaker was so kind to send me a Long Sleeve Chase Zip top, a Camper Hoody for my son and a Flutter Hoody for my daughter.  It didn’t take much for me to get the kids in them as soon as we opened the box!  All of the garments are well-made, with sturdy stitching and zippers that open and close easily.  Best of all, they are super-lightweight but incredibly warm.  Both of my children loved theirs and have been wearing them constantly since they got them.  My top has become my new uniform while home on Christmas vacation.  It’s super soft and comfy, and the contrast stitching makes it look flattering rather than bulky or boxy.  These items wash easily and line dry, but they are dry in a snap!

The Hoody Flutter is perfect for camping...and it's bright colors look great in the wild! Lightweight but super-warm fabric keeps you toasty.

The Camper Hoody is lightweight Realfleece fabric – nature’s alternative to a synthetic fleece. This is ideal for active kids. It’s super insulating,  yet as lightweight and low bulk as a synthetic fleece but also super-breathable for ultimate comfort without feeling stuffy.  My daughter loves her long sleeved Flutter Hoody made from super-soft, lightweight Merino.  My daughter is super-sensitive to clothes that itch or pull at her skin, but she loved this top and said it was very “snuggly.”  Both kids have also been enjoying Icebreaker Apparel Socks that have been keeping their toes happy.


We are super excited to have an Icebreaker giveaway for our readers!  One lucky winner can choose either the Oasis Stripe Crew or the Skater Hoody! 

How to enter:

1. Tell me another item from Icebreaker that you would love to own!

Additional entries:

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Contest ends at 11:59pm CST on January 27th. Prizes not claimed in 72 hours will be forfeited. Open to U.S. Residents only.

This post is the opinion of Jennifer of the Experimental Mommy.  Others may have a differing opinion of the product.  While a sample was received to facilitate this review, all opinions remain 100% mine.