Empowering Kids to Make Balanced Choices

This post was written by the Experimental Mommy in partnership with McDonald’s. All opinions are 100% mine.

Let me walk you through a typical weekend conversation in my home:

Scenario 1: Kids claim to be starving. Kids offered a balanced snack of fruit and yogurt from our home refrigerator. Kids turn up nose and claim to no longer be hungry.

Scenario 2: Kids claim to be starving. Kids offered a trip to McDonald’s, get dressed and are in the car in record time. Kid 1 orders a Happy Meal and selects a Cutie as the side. Kid 2 orders a Happy Meal and orders Go-GURT as their side. Mom watches in disbelief (but is secretly happy for the minor victories in life).

McDonald's Happy Meal Box
McDonald’s, in partnership with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, has committed to increasing customers’ access to fruit, vegetables, and low-fat dairy. As part of McDonald’s ongoing commitment to help make balanced choices fun and easy for families, I am happy to let you know that Cuties are back at McDonald’s for a limited time in Happy Meals and a la carte as a seasonal, fresh fruit side choice! I would say they have been quite successful because McDonald’s has served more than 2 billion packages of Apple Slices since 2004 and 59 million California- grown Cuties to date.

Cuties in McDonald's Happy Meal
Right here in New Orleans, there are 90 locally owned and operated restaurants proudly serving our community. Right now, your child can enjoy a Happy Meal for just $2.99 at participating McDonald’s in the greater New Orleans area. Don’t forget to grab a Cutie for yourself, too!

Want to try it for yourself? Enter below for a chance to win a $50 McDonald’s gift card!

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  1. Barbara Montag says:

    The kids all love the Four Piece Chicken McNuggets.
    thank you

  2. Mary Cloud says:

    My kids love the French Fries

  3. Bridgette says:

    They love the apple slices

  4. Carly Williams says:

    Her favorite side is the apple slices!

  5. Jessica says:

    Both my daughters like McDonald’s fries.

  6. Nannypanpan says:

    They love the cuties

  7. Danielle Wood says:

    Both of my kids prefer to have the apple slices with their happy meals

  8. Sue Barney says:

    Mine Love the French Fries! 🙂

  9. Our favorite Happy Meal side is Cuties.

  10. Adrienne Gordon says:

    It is fires.

  11. Ann Fantom says:

    My daughter loves McDonald’s fries

  12. Kimmy Ripley says:

    Apple slices for the win!

  13. Cynthia C says:

    My nieces love Cuties. I’m sure that’s what they would have as a side.

  14. Tari Lawson says:

    Apple slices.

  15. Ashley C says:


  16. Margaret Smith says:

    My kids like the fries. Thanks so much.

  17. Julie Wood says:

    My kids love the cuties!

  18. My twins love fries and go gurt!

  19. Donna Clifford says:

    french fries

  20. My grandsons like the apple slices.

  21. My grandson loves the fries, and it turns out he is just like his daddy was if you buy him a cheeseburger, he takes off the meat and eats the bun with the ketchup, mustard and pickles.

  22. Stephanie Phelps says:

    She has been loving the Yoplait Go-GURT Low Fat Strawberry Yogurt.

  23. Suzanne K says:

    My daughter is grown and out of the house so no more Happy Meals here

  24. Laurajj says:

    Oh he always loves the apples, but I didnt know they had Cuties! He loves these!

  25. Ellie Wright says:

    My boys love the fries.

  26. Tom Gibson says:

    My daughter likes the fries. Of course!

  27. Peter G says:

    The fries for sure.

  28. Crystal F says:

    I hate to say it but it’s the fries. lol Thank you!

  29. Carolyn G says:

    Apple slices

  30. heather says:

    The kids love the fries.

  31. my son loves fries

  32. French fries

  33. Cheryl B says:

    She loves the apple slices.

  34. Our kids love the fries, so if we asked them, that is probably what they would choose. Our kids to like Cuties, so that would probably be a close second, but I am not sure they would choose it over fries.

  35. Betsy Barnes says:

    My son’s favorite Happy Meal side were the french fries!

  36. Heather Dawn says:

    My boys like the Go-Gurt!

  37. Barbara Fox says:

    My granddaughter loves the apples, but we also just found out she really likes the Fish Sandwich!

  38. Brittney House says:

    My kids love the apple slices the most.

  39. Erica B. says:

    She like the yogurt.

  40. french fries

  41. laura bernard says:

    Apple slices!

  42. Kristen says:

    Definitely french fries.

  43. Kim Henrichs says:

    Always loved the apple slices!

  44. Jessica To says:

    My son likes the French fries.

  45. LaTanya says:

    the apple slices

  46. My kids like the french fries.

  47. katherine says:

    MIne will eat the oranges and then the fries

  48. The french fries.

  49. Jessica Naca says:

    My girls love getting the cuties when they’re available. If not they ask for yogurt.

  50. We like the French Fries

  51. Chrissy says:

    My daughter doesn’t care so much about the actual happy meals – she just loves the french fries! She loves them so much that she will literally let anyone hold her who will give her fries! We definitely need to work on stranger danger…

  52. Definitely the fries.

  53. The fries

  54. Jillian Too says:

    Our little guy loves the french fries.

  55. Denise Sachs says:

    My kids always choose the GoGurt side.

  56. Stephanie Liske says:

    They love french fries. They think the other ones are silly.

  57. Lisa V. says:

    My granddaughter likes the fruit cups.

  58. Danielle Day says:

    The french fries

  59. French fries

  60. Susan Smith says:

    My son loves the french fries.

  61. cheryl s says:

    my son likes the apple slices

  62. Inez Cegelis says:

    My nieces love the cuties – and the fries lol

  63. french fries, no salt with sweet & sour sauce. lol.

  64. Danielle says:

    Mine like the apple slices and milk.

  65. Jaque Richards says:

    My kids are french fry lovers. 🙂 Thank you.

  66. ReggieMann says:


  67. Mendy Dinsmore says:

    apple slices is what my niece loves most

  68. Kyl Neusch says:

    love the apple slices

  69. joseph gersch says:

    my childs is the apple slices

  70. Lori Walker says:

    Definitely the apples.

  71. My son’s favorite is the french fries.

  72. susan smoaks says:

    ou son loves the fries. they are his favorite side.

  73. Jen Reed says:

    My daughter loves Cuties as a side for her meal.

  74. Amy Deeter says:

    My child’s favorite Happy Meal side is defiantly french fries

  75. My kids like the fries the best.

  76. Stephanie Larison says:

    My oldest likes the apples, and my toddler likes the yogurt.

  77. Sonya Allstun says:

    They love the cuties

  78. My son loves their fries.

  79. Hesper Fry says:

    My daughters love the french fries.

  80. Julia Barnes says:

    We love the fries so we make McDonald’s an occasional treat.

  81. Daniel M says:

    they like the french fires

  82. Keeley Sullivan says:

    She likes both French fries and apple slices.

  83. Samantha says:

    She loves eating the apple slices.

  84. Candie L says:

    My kids like the fries. THank you

  85. Terry Bellender says:

    My grandson cannot get enough of the Apple Slices..so much so that he steals his sister’s LOL so we now have gotten him the apple slices and she gets fries.

  86. Paula Michele Hafner says:

    My son loves to get the yogurt. If we are eating in the car then he picks the apple slices.

  87. Peggy Rydzewski says:

    The Yoplait Go-GURT is my grand daughters favorite

  88. Richard Hicks says:

    They like the apples as a side

  89. My kids love the apple slices.

  90. Kathleen S. says:

    French fries tend to be the favorite.

  91. No kids. I like the french fries.
    Thanks for the contest.

  92. They love the fries… With extra ketchup always! Or should I say love fries with their ketchup!

  93. Rachel Freer says:

    My kids love the french fries.

  94. apple slices

  95. Carmen Clement says:

    Mine always get the apple slices. 🍎

  96. jules m. says:

    my kid loves the apple slices!

  97. Carolyn Daley says:

    My nephew loves apple slices.

  98. Kim Keithline says:

    french fries are my kids favorites

  99. Chrisy Beason says:

    Go gurt!

  100. Virginia says:

    The french fries are theirrelevant favorite.

  101. Virginia says:

    I meant to say French fries are their favorite. Stupid autocorrect.

  102. Rachel Travis says:

    We love the nuggets and apple slices!

  103. Vikki Billings says:

    My granddaughters favorite are the apple slices!

  104. Laurie Emerson says:

    They both love the apple slices.

  105. B Alexandra says:

    They loved the little sliced apples to eat after their hamburger or nuggets.

  106. Janine Hwang says:

    My kids like the gogurt

  107. Our kids like the apple slices !

  108. Trisha McKee says:

    My daughter loves the cuties! Her favorite!

  109. maria simon says:

    French fries !!!

  110. French fries. To be fair, we almost never eat there!

  111. Dana Esker says:

    My kids love the apple slices

  112. S. Carter says:

    The sliced apples are our favorite side.

  113. Stephanie says:

    she loves fries

  114. My kids love Go Gurt!

  115. Jenny Ham says:

    cuties are the favorite here

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