Faster Meal Prep with the Thaw That II

This post is written by Experimental Mommy contributor, Erin. While a sample was received to facilitate this post, all opinions remain 100% honest.

I don’t know if it is just me, but I am horrible about planning dinner during the busy work week. I tend to have so much going on that I wake up, go to work, come home and realize that I didn’t think about what we are going to eat for dinner. After debating with my husband for a while, we finally decide on a recipe at the last minute only to realize that some of the necessary ingredients are still frozen.

I hate to defrost food in the microwave because I feel that it compromises taste and texture. By this point, our only option is running to grab take out.  I’d like to say that this cycle causes us to then think about planning ahead next time, but with such busy lives, that normally doesn’t happen. But now, we have discovered the Thaw That II.

defrosting chicken

This product creates a very easy, fool proof way to defrost food in half the normal time.  You simply put the item you would like to defrost on it and let it sit. I recommend flipping the food over every hour or so. This product does not require any electricity, no hot water, no batteries, all you do is simply put a piece of food on it and let it do the work!! My food was defrosted in only a few hours as compared to the old way of it defrosting for a day in the refrigerator.

defrosting chicken, Thaw That

Thaw That II has a very small unnoticeable slant to it. The concave thawing surface directs all liquid from the defrosting food to the center and it is naturally collected by the attachable drip-catcher so you don’t have to worry about the liquid from the food all over the place.


We used the Thaw That II last week during another forgotten dinner plan.  Our chicken defrosted quickly and thoroughly allowing us plenty of time to prepare dinner before it got too late. The finished dish was very tasty and I did not notice any difference in taste or texture by using the That That II.

The Thaw That II retails for $59.95 and should be a staple in every kitchen!

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