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As the Experimental Mommy, it should come as no surprise that this Biology loving, math solving, computer coding woman does not have an artistic bone in her body. Enter Pinterest. This platform has been a godsend when I am trying to be creative with things such as meals, kid crafts or decorating. However, many Pins are deceiving! They look so easy and convince this science geek that she should totally redecorate the living room and change the motifs of both kids rooms. News flash: these projects are not always as easy as they seem.

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When I tackle a big project and finally admit that I am far from a DIY legend, I call for help and run to a local home decor store. Fortunately, one of the best just opened a few miles from my house. Welcome, At Home to New Orleans! This home decor superstore boasts more than 50,000 unique items that will make you look like a master interior designer.

My family and I were invited to check out the Grand Opening of the new At Home and were provided a gift card to do a little shopping, too. I should have guessed that my daughters would quickly make good use of the gift on items they just “had to have.” But as soon as we walked in the door, we were all a bit mesmerized. This place is enormous!

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The patio section caught my eye first with a huge selection of colorful chair cushions, umbrellas and accessories to make your backyard the most comfortable place in (or out) of your home. But my 10 year old daughter noticed a sign on the wall that simply stated “SPARKLE” and she was drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

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Making our way to the “sparkle” section, we found lots of wall art, frames, decorative pillows and just plain fun accessories. If you have a college freshman, the campus shop is just as enticing to make a dull dorm room feel like home.

After making our purchases, I literally had to drag the kids (and my Mom) out of the store which was only successful with a promise of returning soon. Do you shop At Home? What has been your favorite find?

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