Summer Family Road Trip Streaming with Netflix #StreamTeam

This post is written by the Experimental Mommy in partnership with Netflix as a member of the #StreamTeam.

School is officially out for Summer and I couldn’t have three happier kids. Ok, so I only have two kids but my hubby is a teacher and he is thrilled about vacation, too.  Because the school year is so hectic, we can often lose sight of the importance of connecting as a family so summer is perfect to make up for lost time.

My husband and I try to give my kids educational and worthwhile experiences over the summer that will bring us together as a family. Fortunately, we live in New Orleans which is full of culture and easy to find. Staycations are a family favorite but sometimes we hit the road for long weekend getaways.

While we plan lots of quality time together during our vacation, the road trip can sometimes be long and cumbersome but Netflix can help fill the hours till we arrive at our destination. Here are a few of our Road Trip favorites:

1. Liv and Maddie: My girls are so excited that Liv and Maddie Season 1 has finally made it’s way to Netflix. The enjoy watching the comedy surrounding this TV family with twin girls!

2. H20 Mermaid Adventures: My youngest daughter is ALL about mermaids this Summer so naturally this show has caught (and kept) her attention.

3. Crash and Bernstein: Who doesn’t love puppets, right?

4. Life With Boys: My tween adores this show and is thrilled that Season 2 has made it’s way to Netflix.

What are you streaming on your summer road trips?


  1. What’s funny is that we are AVID Netflix users but haven’t seen any of these shows!?! (No castles or horses, LOL). Thanks for the ideas. 🙂

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