Newborn Must Have: Little Loved Ones Waterproof Crib Mattress Protector

This post was written by Linzy of Crawfish Tales and made possible by Little Loved Ones. All opinions remain 100% honest.

So I am on child number 2. Which basically means that in order to prepare, my hubby went up in the attic and pulled out all of the bins of baby stuff. After a good wash, everything was ready to reuse. No questions asked. Simple and done.

About three weeks ago, my two month old spit up all over her bed. Not the kind that is cute that you wipe up and still put them to bed. This was the crazy kind that entails new pajamas, new sheets and new mattress protector. Well I had new sheets and new pajamas but realized I only had one mattress protector. I made a mental note to add that to the list of things we needed for the household and everyone went to bed.

The next morning karma had my back and there was an email waiting for me with the opportunity to test out the Little Loved Ones waterproof crib protector. Of course I said yes since I was in the market for one anyway.

When it arrived I pulled the old one off the mattress and put on the Little Loved Ones protector. I will say that I was instantly impressed with this one. Not only did it make the previous one look cheap and super flimsy, it was so much softer. I don’t like the mattress protectors that are hard and crunchy. Those you can hear every time the baby moves while sleeping. Because if that is the case you know you will hear it through the baby monitor ALL.NIGHT.LONG. This one hardly makes any noise at all. It is soft, did I mention that? Because it is cushy but not too cushy for a baby. The quilting is what gives it that fancy feel. The protector is also 100% cotton and hypoallergenic.

So now that my Little Loved Ones crib protector has become the main one that we use. The previous protector is now the spare. While we haven’t had a major spit up scene since that night, I know that the crib is protected and ready to roll just in case.

My favorite parts about it other than how soft it is:

  1. It is only $39.99. That is a steal.
  2. It has a lifetime full replacement warranty. If it leaks or rips they replace it for free. YES!
  3. It is machine washable. Which in the life of any busy mom this is a necessity. Who has time for hand washing anyway?

Little Loved Ones is a brand headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. They understand the importance of products that are kid tested and mom approved and stand behind their products. Their warranties and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee means that if you don’t love it, let them know. They use their own kids to test the products to insure quality and value. This is super important to me, because if they are using the products themselves they understand how it needs to work and what moms need from the product to make their lives easier.

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  1. I would say a crib, bassinet, rocker, diapers, and wipes are essentials in a nursery!

  2. Anna Pry says:

    nursing pillow

  3. Amanda N. says:

    I’m going to have to say diapers (and wipes). haha!

  4. Obviously diapers – but also a swing. Keeps Mama sane somethimes!

  5. I would say a swing or bouncy seat is a must have !

  6. Mary Calabrese says:

    baby wipes! A must have.

  7. Jennifer Williams says:

    A great nursing chair for late night cuddles!

  8. The must-have item is probably diapers (and the baby!).

  9. Erica B. says:

    A safe crib.

  10. Lisa V. says:

    Baby wipes for the quick clean up.

  11. Blankets, blankets, and more blankets! My newborn loved to be swaddled, and between spit up, diaper leaks, tummy time, etc., I needed every blanket I could get my hands on!

  12. Stephanie Larison says:

    Baby wipes…and lots of them! You’ll be needing them for all those messes.

  13. Vikki Billings says:

    I think it would be a baby bed and a changing table .

  14. Tina Reynolds says:

    Diapers and a good swing/glider

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