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This review was written by Erin on behalf of the Experimental Mommy and was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Cascade. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

After visiting the Cascade Test Kitchens last month and seeing with my own eyes the miracle of skipping the pre-wash, I knew I had to share the wealth with a good friend of mine.  After all, friends don’t let friends unnecessarily pre-wash, right? Erin agreed to host a party for 10 of her friends to show the cleaning power of the Cascade Platinum ActionPacs and below are the undeniable results.

In preparing for her party, Erin baked this batch of brownies the night before and let the bakeware sit out overnight with NO rinsing at all!  She was super skeptical about this part and it turns out that Erin was not alone.  Cascade Platinum in partnership with Marie Claire performed a survey and did you know that 46% of espondents believe that skipping the pre-wash will lead to dirtier dishes? When in reality, breaking this habit – and skipping pre-wash – along with using Cascade Platinum, will help them achieve the ultimate clean and sparkle every time.

Before the guests arrived, Erin set up her table with my Cascade Platinum ActionPacs, Rinse Aids, and tips for loading the dishwasher right on the table so that all the guests could read it and benefit from the helpful suggestions.  Did you know that 89% of those surveyed did not realize that most dishwashers feature a garbage disposal, which safely disposes of any remaining food soil on the dishes making pre-washing completely unnecessary?

Guests were served french toast and mimosas and had a great time learning about the benefits of Cascade Platinum.  Then, it was time to put up or shut up.  The proof is in the pudding, right?  Guests helped load the dishes (without rinsing) based on the tips from Cascade, placed a Cascade Platinum ActionPac in the washer and started the cycle.

After some time to socialize and enjoy the party, it was time for the big reveal!  Erin’s dishes, even the ones that sat in the sink for 24 hours, came out spotless.  Best magic trick ever!  Her guests were amazed that the product actually works better, yes better, when dishes have food stuck on them.  No pre-washing is necessary.  And who has time for that anyway?

Here is what Erin had to say about the results:

My party guests were extremely surprised at how well these two products worked together.  The Cascade Platinum ActionPacs not only got the leftover food off the dishes, it also cleaned them to a spotless shine.  And the rinse aid helped to dry the dishes so that each dish that came out the dishwasher could be put away instead of having to be dried off.  I think of the rinse aid now as “the cherry on top.”  I will never run my dishwasher without it!  Because of this product review I am firm believer in Cascade Platinum and would recommend it to friends and family.  You shouldn’t have to spend your life doing what Cascade can do for you.

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  1. I love this review. I have always been a fan of Cascade. Wish I could try it for myself.

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