Lighten Up with Denny’s Fit Fare Menu

This post is written by the Experimental Mommy. I am a Denny’s Ambassador however all opinions remain 100% mine.

Within the last two years, my husband has done the amazing task of losing 75 pounds.  He has now entered maintenance mode and I am so proud to say that he has kept the weight off for over a year now.  One of his secrets to success is planning.  Each week, he comes up with a meal plan and does his best to follow it.

However, life happens and we are not always able to cook meals at home.  In this case, research is his friend.  He takes to the Internet and apps on his phone to find out which restaurants have meals that will help him accomplish his goal (and not sabotage his meal plan).

As a Denny’s Ambassador, I was thrilled to learn about the Fit Fare menu and share the options with my hubby.  The family and I decided to head to Denny’s on a hot summer night and let them do the cooking for us.

Denny’s has many dish options guests can enjoy for under 550 calories, and offer delicious alternatives that don’t compromise on taste, value or variety.  An online ‘Meal Calculator’ provides guests with an interactive way to mix and match menu items and customize a meal suitable for their needs.

Perusing the menu, healthier options are noted with Fit Fare icons indicating Lean, Light, Protein or Fiber.  Hubby opted to the Fit Slam menu item which included a English Muffin, turkey bacon, egg whites with spinach and a side of seasonal fruit. We also found many other Fit Fare options such as a Cranberry Chicken Salad which looked delish.

I love that you can lighten just about any menu item by asking for a wheat bun, seasonal fruit instead of fries, or asking for a veggie patty all at no additional cost.  Of course, the kids were thrilled to eat breakfast for dinner and choose the Jr. Grand Slam option with pancakes, eggs and bacon.

If you are heading out to dinner, don’t let the selection ruin your meal plan.  Head to Denny’s and check out the items on the Fit Fare menu!

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