Showing Our #DisneySide, Princess Tiana Style!

This post is written by the Experimental Mommy.  While I received a package filled with Disney themed party supplies to facilitate this post, all opinions remain 100% mine.

Recently, I was selected to host a Disney Side @Home Celebration.  My daughters and I were so excited when the hostess package arrived and we started brainstorming for ideas.  Here in New Orleans, we are just finishing up Carnival season.  The fun begins on King’s Day and rolls through Mardi Gras which happened to land on my daughter’s 6th birthday this year.  Being the ultimate princess, she wanted to show her Disney Side on Mardi Gras Day!  I thought it was a perfect venue to show thousands of people our Disney Side.

Living in New Orleans, it is very easy to identify with Tiana from Princess and the Frog.  How lucky are we to have our very own Disney Princess?!  When the movie came out, it was really fun to see our hometown on the big screen so we have been a little Tiana obsessed since.

Mardi Gras Day is a very busy one for my family and I because we ride on a float in a parade filled with our closest friends and family.  To show our Disney Side, we began the day with our float-mates just like Tiana would…with beignets!  It was unseasonably cold, so cafe au lait hit the spot.  Does it get any better?

Once we boarded our float, we celebrated my daughter’s birthday with Tiana themed cupcakes!  She got a big kick out of people on the parade route singing her Happy Birthday.  As a reward, anyone who sang her happy birthday as we rolled down the street got a “Princess and the Frog” themed bead and a bracelet that came in our DisneySide package.  (We were so cold, so we are wrapped up and taking pictures was very hard!)

After our ride, we arrived home with our family and friends to continue our DisneySide Celebration with a traditional Mardi Gras treat, gumbo and King Cake!  My daughter (the birthday girl) got the baby (which symbolizes Baby Jesus) in the cake so she was super excited.

We had a great time enjoying Tiana’s city and showing off our DisneySide to the revelers on the streets of New Orleans.  Between the beignets, King Cake, cafe au lait, gumbo and beads, my birthday girl certainly felt like a Mardi Gras princess!  Show your own Disney side by visiting or following @DisneyParks on Twitter.


  1. Oh those beignets look amazing.
    I lived in Jackson, MS for 7 years and loved swinging down to New Orleans for a weekend!

  2. The beignets look delicious. It must be so much fun to live in New Orleans. Riding in the float must have been a good birthday experience for your daughter!

  3. What a fun and great looking party. Makes me want to go back to New Orleans!

  4. Yay I love that you have a princess that ties to the culture of your city!

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