Get Your Dance On with Kmart Layaway

This is a sponsored post. I am a Kmart blogger, though all opinions are my own.

If you could peek into the lives of New Orleanians right now, you would see one giant party.  Tomorrow is Mardi Gras, but we have been in the spirit for many days.  Throwing beads, eating delicious foods, spending time with friends and dancing in the street are only a few activities you don’t want to miss!

At any given time, on any given street corner, you will find people strutting their dance moves with the Wobble, the Dougie and even the Kmart Layaway Dance.  Never heard of the last one?  It’s simply guided by that feeling you get when you pay off your Kmart Layway and take your beloved purchase home.  Watch some Kmart customers express their layaway love:

So why are they dancing?  At Kmart, Layaway doesn’t start and end with the holidays. You can use Kmart Layaway all year round for celebrations such as birthdays, re-decorating or baby gifts. In addition, Kmart Layaway is available online and in stores. It’s simple: pick out the items you want, start with a down payment, make payments every two weeks (online or in store) and take your items home with you after your final payment (cue: Layaway dance)!

Pro tip: Remember to give yourself plenty of time before you need the item, most Layaway contracts last about 8 weeks, so planning ahead is key! Plus, Shop Your Way Members get points on every Layaway purchase and exclusive Layaway offers.

What do you want to put on Layaway?  Get your dance moves ready!

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