Barbie Hug N’ Heal Pet Doctor Review

This post was written by the Experimental Mommy.  While a sample was received to facilitate this review, all opinions remain 100% honest.

My youngest daughter is a very compassionate soul. She always wants to engage in pretend play as a doctor, dentist, waitress, cook, teacher or vet…really any profession that serves people in order to make life better for them.  I love encouraging that side of her personality so when I was asked to review the Barbie Hug N’ Heal Pet Doctor, I knew it would be an instant hit.

Role play as a veterinarian in training with all the supplies to help take care of this soft plush pup with a glowing nose that tells her when he’s not feeling well. Perfect for ages 3 and up, the electronic puppy comes with a travel bag that features all kinds of accessories to interact with. Just press his paw to see how he’s feeling, then use all the included supplies to nurse him back to health! The kit includes a travel bag, thermometer, stethoscope, prescription pad and more.

First of all, the plush puppy is simply adorable.  It’s hard not to love the floppy ears!  My daughter instantly fell in love and couldn’t wait to make the puppy feel better.  Within seconds, the puppy began to sneeze and her nose glowed red.  My daughter quickly figure out that the puppy needs a tissue and put the provided accessory up to it’s nose.  She was shocked when the puppy actually blew her nose!  And she found it fun to give the puppy a shot and cheer them up with a bone.

The Barbie Hug N’ Heal Pet Doctor is now her “go-to” toy and my daughter takes it to school for show and tell every week.  You can find it for just $29.99 on and it would make a great Easter basket gift!

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