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When I was asked to review The Home T onesie, I took the opportunity because the concept was intriguing. I love the idea of showing hometown pride. After all, I’m a New Yorker and proud of it even though I’ve lived in other states along the way. I even made sure my children were born in NYC too, in the same hospital I was born in (yes, I’m that mom).

After opening the package, my first impression of the onesie was the fabric. It’s soft. This is absolutely important when dressing your children. My children have sensitive skin like me so I’m very cognizant of material that touches their skin.

Second, these onesies stretch well. Why is this important? One of my lil ones has a good sized head even thought it’s only 50 percentile. Most babies at this age seem to have large heads that pediatricians assure us they will grow into. This means we need clothing that can stretch without ripping. The Home T does this.

Which brings me to the next thing I noticed… these onesies are thicker than most I’ve seen. Nothing against Carters or Gerber onesies (we have them), but these Home T onesies are definitely thicker. What does this mean? It means they wash better. Every shirt will eventually wear and tear, but these Home T onesies will last longer than the former because they’re thicker which makes them sturdier.

I love the simplicity of the shirts as well. What’s not to love, a state and the word home. There’s nothing to have to think about.

With all these good things to say, what is one thing I wish the Home T had? Long sleeves. Love short sleeves, but during the winter in the east coast, it would be nice to have long sleeve options too.

All kidding aside, if you need more reasons to really love the Home T, it has to be it’s cause. When you buy a Home T, you help raise money for multiple sclerosis. A portion of their proceeds are donated to MS research. And what’s not to love about that?

Good quality + good heart = good brand

Check them out at  The Home T website.


  1. Those are super cute I need an Ohio one for my Viv!

  2. We are thrilled to hear that you love the onesie, and can’t thank you enough for spreading the word!


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