Meet Isabelle the 2014 American Girl Doll of the Year

While the ball was dropping on New Year’s Eve, my daughters were stalking the American Girl website to get the first glimpse of the 2014 American Girl Doll of the Year.  They were elated to meet Isabelle, a blonde hair hazel eyed doll who happens to be a dancer!  With two dancers in my home, you can imagine the squeals and excitement that followed.

Isabelle is an inspired dancer with a flair for design who lives in Washington, D.C. and attends a performing arts school, Anna Hart School of the Arts.  Along the way, she discovers a unique talent to call her own.  She arrives in a sequined coral tee with a glittery ballerina graphic and mesh tutu, metallic denim pants, and gold dance shoes.  And the best part? She has removable pink highlights! To some her up in one word:


My daughters can’t wait to explore the accessories including a dance case which stores Isabelle’s bun helper, ballet shoes and hair ties.  But they are most excited about Isabelle’s Dance Barre!

If your girls are as excited about Isabelle as mine are, check out the Isabelle Dance Studio app (99 cents) or one of the three books (available as e-books, too) so the fun can begin right now!


  1. My girl’s are so excited they went to the store this morning and bought a book and new outfit for my oldest’s Saige doll!

  2. We’re so excited that we’re heading into the store today for the debut! I love her design studio!

  3. She is going to be a HUGE hit! My daughter’s already obsessed.

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