Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Kids #PopsicleMom

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Early on Thanksgiving morning, the final dishes are prepared for Thanksgiving dinner with the family.  The smells of the season are hard to resist and people flock to the kitchen to try and steal a taste (or two).  While it is hard enough for the adults to be patient, it is nearly impossible for the kids to wait until the final trimmings are placed on the table.

This year, my mission is to find fun activities to occupy little hands before it is time to sit down for dinner.  As a Popsicle Mom, we have no shortage of Popsicle sticks in our home, so I headed to Pinterest for some Thanksgiving craft inspiration.  Below are the finalists:

1.  Thankful Turkey:  Love the idea of having the kids (and adults, too) take time to write down what they are truly thankful for.  Take turns reading your turkey out loud after the meal!

2. Play a Game: Create a Thanksgiving themed Pictionary game and have adults play the kids!

3. Feather It Up: Have the kids color Popsicle sticks and feather those turkeys to create a festive bookmark, pointer or puppet.

4. Perfect Placesetters: Let the kids get involved by setting the table and creating fun place holders for each guest.

What are your crafty Thanksgiving ideas?


  1. These are adorable and I love that I don’t need a pinecone 🙂 I will definitely be doing the thankful turkey with my kids

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