Trick or Popsicle Treat?

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When searching for the perfect Halloween costume, we automatically pass up anything with long sleeves, pants, fur, or any kind of padding.  It’s just too hot here in New Orleans for that!  My friends up North laugh when I show them pictures of us Trick or Treating in short sleeves and dresses likewise seeing pictures of their children in coats is just plain wrong.

From parties to picking the perfect pumpkin, this weekend has been full of Halloween fun.  In quintessential New Orleans fashion, the treat of choice at the Halloween Haunted House party was Popsicles!  The Popsicle Pop Ups made for a refreshing treat because these kids were sweating after painting pumpkins, jumping in the bounce house and navigating the Haunted House.

The SpongeBob SquarePants Pop Ups were perfect because the kids could run around without making a mess and the character theme was great for a costume party.  Did you know that Popsicle even has Spider-Man and Hello Kitty Bars for your little trick or treaters?

What kind of treats are your serving up this Halloween?


  1. Graham would be all about the Spider-Man!!

  2. I love Pop Ups popsicles! Didn’t know they had such fun character pops. My daughter would love Hello Kitty!

  3. We love Pop-Ups at our house! I will have to find the SpiderMan ones for my boys!

  4. I haven’t bought Pop-Ups in a while. We do have two boxes of Popsicles in our fridge thought. 🙂

  5. My kids love these. We try to keep them stocked int eh freezer.

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