Keep Your Little One Warm with Dots on Tots this Fall

This post is written by Beth of Experimental Mommy. While a sample was received to facilitate this review, all opinions remain 100% honest.

Keeping our children well is hard enough, but as soon as that first blast of cool weather comes we all seem to start with the sniffles. And when I say blast of cool weather down here in the south anything below 70 is down right cold! So with this nice fall weather comes the worry of frequent trips to the doctors office with my little ones.

My youngest has had ear problems since she was 3 months old and eleven ear infections and two sets of tubes later we are constantly fighting the ear infection battle. I have always believed in a hat on her head in the cold weather and covering her ears has always been difficult. It is so hard to find a hat that has flaps over the ears and is not too hot or to small to fit her head.

Needless to say I was THRILLED when I received the Dots on Tots Baby and Toddler Ear Protection Organic Cotton Hat.  The hat is a perfect weight for cold weather or for just a really windy day. The Ear Protection Hat comes in sizes small, medium and large which fit infants all the way to a three year old and they come in white, pink, natural and blue.

We received the large pink hat and I was able to fit it on her head and not even take her ponytail down. She still has a lot of room to grow into it, so it should last us a couple of winters. The soft ear flaps connect under the chin with a small piece of Velcro. There will be no need to worry about the hat falling off, because it is very secure on their head.

My daughter did not want to take the hat off even after I came inside the house, which proves to me it was comfortable on her. We now carry it in our car so that when we get to the park or playground and the wind is blowing hard she can wear it to protect those sensitive ears of hers. We have had the hat for about two weeks and so far so good, even with this cold weather we have not had any ear problems and with the Dots on Tots we hope to keep it that way.

Another great feature about this hat is the fact that it is made with organic cotton and is hypoallergenic my daughter has really bad eczema so I don’t have to worry about her breaking out from the material.

Dots on Tots also offers Aviator Ear Protections hats which offer up to a 50% reduction in outside noises. This is perfect for crowded noisy areas such as at football games (WHO DAT!), concerts and outdoor festivals.  They would also be perfect for your child that might have hearing sensitivity, like my son, for fireworks and parades. He is almost 5 and I actually tried the Ear Protection Hat that we received on him and it fit him really well. So even though the website says up to 3T I am sure you could use it for older children.  The final hat that Dots on Tots offers for the Fall is the Sherpa Cotton Hat. This is a heavy weight material that is perfect for cold temperatures. It offers the same ear flaps as the other hats but is made for really cold weather.

The Dots for Tots founder, Olivia Entin, is a mother of two with a master’s degree in fashion and has a few tips to stay healthy this fall.

  • Safety First! Equip children with a small, backpack-friendly emergency kit in case of any scrapes, bumps or unexpected cuts on the playground. Although the nurse is close by, having small supplies handy at all times, such as a kit with fun, colorful bandaids, hand sanitizer and sun tan lotion will allow children to remain safe no matter where they are.
  • Keep children protected from day 1!  Whether your child is a first-timer at school or a seasoned classroom attendant, entry into a new classroom, lunch room or school bus can still cause allergic reactions in children. To keep children safe and comfortable, outfit them in products that will keep them safe, such as organic materials.
  • Run down the checklist the night before!  Do they have everything packed? What are they wearing to school today? As much as sending your child off to school can be a stressful process, going to a new place without mom, dad or siblings can also be scary for them. Talking to your child about fears/excitements and packing up their materials with them the night before will help them (and you!) know that they are prepared to take on the school year with their best foot forward.
  • Make check-in’s a game to ensure child’s health and safety!  We all know children love games, and parents love ensuring children are safe when out of sight, so combining these two ideals will make everyone at ease! Check in periodically with your children on how the school year is progressing – are they enjoying their classes? What kinds of foods are they eating? Are they feeling headaches, allergies/sneezing in the cafeteria or classroom? Some great ways to make this into a game setting are having them draw pictures of their day or rating aspects of their day on a scale using foods they love or toys. This way, you can check in with your child and make sure they’re keeping in check with their happiness and health.

Hope your Fall is sniffle free!

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