Protect Your Child’s Hearing {Rayovac Offer Inside!}

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When both of my daughters were little, they experienced frequent ear infections which led us to be on a first name basis with everyone at our pediatrician’s office.  After a set of tubes for each child, the ear infections subsided but I was concerned about hearing loss caused by previous illnesses.  Fortunately, both of my daughters passed a hearing exam with flying colors. Check out Lily below on one of her many, many doctor visits!

It is important to get children’s hearing tested at a young age because it allows you the time to start treatment.  The later hearing loss is identified the more likely the child is to develop impairment of speech, language and learning.  While regular testing is important, how do you know if you should schedule an appointment for a possible problem?  Some common indications of possible hearing loss include:

  • Frequent or recurrent ear infections
  • Poor School performance
  • Child doesn’t respond to his or her name consistently
  • Child asks for words, phrases, or sentences to be repeated

Because my kids are getting older, they are spending more time with electronic devices such as an iPod and iPad in which they frequently use headphones (Mom can only take so much of the same One Direction song).  To protect their little ears, I monitor the volume of their portable devices.  Listening at too high volumes for too long of periods, could lead to noise-induced hearing loss over time.

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