I’m Shrinking with Weight Watchers 360°

I have received a free 3-month pass to experience Weight Watchers online. I am not being paid to use or endorse Weight Watchers and thoughts are my own.

Throughout my life, my weight has never been an issue.  I was an active dancer and I think the combination of exercise and a fast metabolism kept me trim most of my life.  That is, until I had kids.  After age 30, my metabolism did a 180 and I was so busy with the kids that I was unable to take as many dance classes as I would have liked.  My body showed it.

I didn’t feel like myself so I joined Weight Watchers in an attempt to get my old body back.  And I did!  I attended a local Weight Watchers meeting and managed to lose the remainder of the baby weight.  It was an awesome achievement.  However, now that age 40 is staring me in the face, the weight has slowly found me again.  This time, life is even busier and I have not found time to re-join my local Weight Watchers group.

As fate would have it, I recently learned about Weight Watchers 360°, a breakthrough approach that challenges members to not only track their food intake (PointsPlus), but also to manage those daily routines and spaces that sabotage weight loss.  The best part?  You can do it online!

For the next three months, I will be sharing my experience (successes and challenges) right here on the blog.  After four weeks on program, I am happy to report that I have lost a total of 6.2 pounds (people following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week)!  There is so much to tell you about why Weight Watchers 360°is working for me, but this month I will start with  a basic overview.

The new program encompasses three pillars:

  • Tracking.  Track food with PointsPlus, record weight and physical activity.  Being a former member, I was totally comfortable with this.
  • Spaces.  Create and commit to an action plan and bookmark provided tips under these six environments: home, shopping, workplace, eating out, travel and occasions.  I have such a problem with staying on plan at work.  I found some really helpful tips here!

  • Routines. You choose three routines (16 available) to follow every day (e.g., eat fruit with every meal). Record success daily.  For me, I decided to focus on eating a sensible breakfast, plan my lunch everyday and asking myself if a food item is worth the PointsPlus before consuming it.

I love that Weight Watchers 360° encompasses every aspect of your life and goes beyond the dinner table.  I wasn’t sure that I would love the online aspect, but as a science geek, I love charts, tables and graphs so this system was second nature!  Who doesn’t love seeing a graph of their decreasing weight?!?

I can’t wait to share what the next 4 weeks holds for me!  In the meantime, share your weight loss tips, tricks and secrets!




  1. Thhat sounds like a great option, good luck with your journey!

  2. This looks like a great program. I really like the Spaces and Routine pillars of the program. It seems like those might be a helpful substitute for the in person advice you would get in a meeting. Really cool. And, way to go, Bridgette!!

  3. Any updates? It looks like an interesting program.

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