How to Wake Up Tired Eyes

With the start of school, my family and I have returned to a hectic schedule full of homework, housework and hobbies.  The excitement has left us all exhilarated and exhausted….but mostly exhausted.  After arriving at work last week, several people commented that I looked tired.  Fortunately, as a Neutrogena Ambassador, I have someplace to turn for questions such as these:

How do I wake up my tired eyes?

One of the Neutrogena Dermatologists was nice enough to respond to my call for help.  Dr. Jeanine Downie gave me the following tips for tired eyes, so I thought I would share them with you!

  • Resist Rubbing!  No matter how tired you may be, do NOT rub your eyes, not at all.  This makes the pigment darker and encourages wrinkling of the skin.
  • Chill Out!  Use ice packs on your eyes every night when you get home to soothe the thin skin of the eyelid area.
  • Light as a Feather!  When removing eye makeup, do not rub or pull rather take it off very gently like you are brushing a feather across your cheek.  Try Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover.
  • Less Salt, More Sleep!  Enough said.
  • Exercise for Energy!  Exercising will improve our circulation and make you feel less tired which in turn will make you look less tired.

I plan to try some of these tips soon.  But, if you need to fake it till you make it, I would suggest the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Brightening Eye Perfector.  This product has patented blend of anti-oxidants including Vitamin E, wild chamomile and soy, but is also clinically shown to de-puff and treat the appearance of dark under eye circles.

What are your secrets to wake up tired eyes?  I need all the help I can get!


  1. Exercise does give a boost of energy, doesn’t it?!!! I like your chill the eye area tip! Sounds so relaxing.:)

  2. I almost always rub my eyes automatically when I’m tired. Who knew? Thanks for the tips!

  3. I need to use eye packs. I have very thin skin so I get dark circles easily.

  4. I rub my eyes constantly. I definitely need to stop.

  5. Great advice! I must remember that- especially that don’t rub or pull when taking makeup off part!

  6. These are great tips. I didn’t know that salt impacted your eyes. I will try the ice pack tip too.

    Diana C

  7. Thank you this is really helpful.p since I’m guilty of the number 1 crime. Eye rubbing

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