Why You NEED the Rayovac 7 Hour Power

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If you don’t live in New Orleans, July probably means summer picnics, family reunions and relaxing vacations. But to NOLA natives, July means it is time to buckle down and prepare for Hurricane Season. While we all know to stock up on canned goods, bottled water and plywood to board our windows. But in the digital age, we need to think about how to power up when the power is down.

Check out the video below to learn about the one product under $15 every New Orleanian should add to their emergency preparedness kit, the new Rayovac 7 Hour Power!

Rayovac has a whole line of portable power that would be perfect for emergency kits.  Don’t miss any new products, news or discounts by following them on Twitter and Facebook.



  1. That’s not something I’m too good at planning. I really need to put a bunch of things together and portable power should lead off that list!

  2. I’m also not good at planning ahead, but it’s just something you need to plan for! And, at less than $15 this seems like a must have no matter where you live.

  3. I always think of twitter emergencies and losing juice at a blogger event, but silly me I wasn’t even thinking of a real emergency when I’d need the extra power for my cell. Thanks for the reminder. I already have one of their chargers, but I think I might get another.

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