The Benefits of a Family Cruise Vacation

This post is brought to you by guest writer, Scott Meffen.

Around 20 million people are now choosing cruise vacations each year and family cruise holidays having become one of the fastest growth areas for the holiday industry. Two million of those jumping on board European and world cruises in 2013 will be children and teenagers. With a wide range of on-board activities included in the price it’s easy to see why families are choosing to take to the water.

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It’s not too hard to explain the rise in popularity of cruise ship holidays. This type of holiday does have a lot to offer when compared to the traditional ‘resort with swimming pool’ holiday option. On a cruise holiday you can awake in a different destination each day with the opportunity to explore new cities, islands and countries. Traveling across the globe also holds a certain fascination for children – would you rather stay in one location or explore the world by ship?

Accommodation and family discounts
On-board accommodation is no longer a pokey cabin but includes suites and family rooms to easily rival, and sometimes beat, those offered by the best hotels. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included with buffets provided throughout the day. Most of the entertainment, excursions, transport and activities are included in the price making this a value-for-money holiday option. Many cruise holiday operators also provide free child places along with good discounts depending on how many family members are travelling.

The bonuses for adults
Adults looking for a little personal time can dine together while the children are looked after with their own special nightly tea parties. Cruise lines offer children’s clubs and have professional members of staff who will look after and entertain the kids. Adults are then free to enjoy the latest films at the on-board cinemas, spend some money in the casinos and shopping malls or relax with a spa treatment before enjoying nightly live entertainment and dancing in the nightclubs.

On-board and onshore activities
If you think you know what goes on when it comes to cruise holiday activities then think again. Cruise ships now offer an amazing array of leisure pursuits as you travel around the world including sports activities such as golf, rollerblading, tennis and even ice skating.  These ‘floating resorts’ can offer multiple swimming pools and water parks with flumes; the new Disney Cruise line actually offers a swimming pool with a water-coaster.

Shore excursions are of course one of the highlights of a cruise holiday and give the entire family the opportunity to try a range of additional activities. Activities will depend on the destination but can include swimming with dolphins, skiing, 4×4 adventures, exploring new cities and beaches, and indulging in a different local cuisine each day.

World cruises in 2013 have come a long way and are a hard to beat holiday option when it comes to value for money and the diversity of activities that can be enjoyed by the entire family.


  1. Janet W. says:

    Cruises really have something for everyone! It’s been years since I’ve been on a cruise, but I had the best time and would love to do it again soon!

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