Little Change, Big Difference with FLOR

Three years ago, I had the opportunity to try a new rug from FLOR.  If you are not familiar with FLOR, the beauty of this company is that it allows you to create a unique area rug by combining 19.7″ carpet tiles to compliment your style and room decor.  However, with tons of colors, patterns and textures to choose from, creating a well-designed area rug can be a daunting task.

For the design-challenged, you can now take advantage of the newly launched FLOR Possibility Studio.  FPS is a free design service which provides potential customers to work directly with a professional designer – either in store or via email, to create a unique rug.  I started the process by filling out the “Design Assistance Request Form” which asked questions such as:

  • What room are you designing for?
  • How much traffic does the room receive?
  • What is your color palette?

I was even able to upload a picture of my current FLOR rug and decor of my living room.  My FLOR rug has held up nicely for three years, but I decided it was time for a style refresh.  Instead of ordering an entirely new rug, I asked the FLOR designers to “spice up” my existing rug to create a new look for my home. FLOR graciously sent us 12 new tiles to facilitate this review.

Within 24 hours of submitting my request, one of the FLOR designers contacted me with suggestions.  In fact, she sent me four different graphics depicting ideas to refresh my old FLOR rug tiles.  After talking with my husband, we decided on the first option below:

Our designer, Desiree, used the colors of our existing FLOR tiles and added a striped pattern which has a different texture than the old tiles to create more visual interest.  Within a few days, we received our order and couldn’t wait to install the tiles. We laid the tiles out in the suggested pattern but decided to play with it a bit until we found the style that was right for our room. My husband simply removed a few of the old tiles and using the FLOR stickers, inserted the new patterned tiles.

We could not be more thrilled with the final look of our new FLOR rug.  But in case you are not so lucky, FLOR ensures complete customer satisfaction by allowing you to return the unwanted product free of charge.  Such a small change created a big difference in our home.  Start searching the FLOR catalog to find your unique style with the help of the Possibility Studio.


  1. That’s just about the coolest thing ever. I had no idea they could be switched out so easily for an entirely new and freshened up look. Very, very nice!!!

  2. Love the new look with just a few switched out. Great idea! We have a set of FLOR tiles that I’m dying to put into our dining room but I’m trying to wait until my youngest is a bit older and won’t stain it so quickly. 🙂 (Your floors are beautiful by the way!)

  3. Wow I love the new look I never would have thought to add stripe tiles in!

  4. I love how the stripe squares make such a difference and that it transforms the whole room!

  5. WOW!!! i LOVE this! i used to like our area rug but that was 7 years, 2 dogs and a toddler ago LOL i have to check this out!

  6. That is really nice!

  7. This is awesome! I had no idea this was even possible and that you could do this. I love how you can customize it making it one of a kind. It’s giving me so many ideas now! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Wow — the Flor tiles looks great — I love the pattern! I will definitely have to look into them for my next room remodel.

  9. wow, this is so cool! id love to try it out!

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