Get Portable Power with Rayovac

This post is written by the Experimental Mommy.  While a sample was received to facilitate this post, all opinions remain 100% mine.

My kids are adorable.  I am sure yours are, too.  As Moms, we feel the need to capture every quirky smile, every play date and every fascinating moment of our child’s life and often via cell phone.  I admit that I can go a wee bit overboard on the pictures (my apologies to my Facebook friends and followers).  The problem is that when I need to make an actual phone call (yes, that handheld device called a phone really does make voice calls) my battery is often low.

Up until now, the solution has been running back to my car for a quick recharge before heading back to the birthday party, dance class or other must-photograph event.  The problem is that I am missing so much while I not-so-patiently wait for my phone to charge.

Solution?  The Rayovac 2 Hour Power gives your device up to 2 hours of additional talk time and is small enough to slip into your purse.   This new cordless device comes with a powerful Rayovac CR123A battery, that provides a shelf life of 10 years. Once the battery is inserted, plug it into your mobile device and start powering up right away.  The Rayovac 2-Hour Power is available in both micro USB (black) and iPhone (green).

Genius, right?  Not only did Rayovac develop the 2-Hour Power, but they have a whole line of portable power devices.  As a blogger, I love the 7-Hour Power!  It’s perfect for taking to blog conferences, brand events or travel junkets. This device, powered by 4 Rayovac AA Alkaline Batteries, provides your mobile device with a 100% charge giving you an additional 7 hours of talk time.  For my fellow New Orleanians, this is a must have for Hurricane Season.  No electricty?  No problem.  Stock up on Rayovac AA Alkaline batteries to keep your devices charged and ready to go.

Want to try the Rayovac Portable Power line?  Use promo code POWEREDBYMOMS on Rayovac’s website to receive 20% off until June 30, 2013.  Plus, over on Rayovac’s Facebook Page, they are giving away 50 2-Hour Power devices every Friday for the rest of June! Check it out!


  1. I NEED this for my iPhone!! I hate when my cell starts to drain power while traveling due to picture taking apps being used & high amounts if data being used. This would be a huge help!!

  2. I think they would also be useful in emergency situations, as well as when camping or know you wont have a chance to recharge all day (ie: Disney World)


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