My Sentiments Exactly!

It’s safe to say we now live in the age of social technology.  Wifi is everywhere, abbreviations like “lol” are used in face to face conversations, and hash tags are all over social media.  Google Glass has made augmented reality a hit and people are making it a habit to Instagram their meals before they take their first bite.  But are these activities really making people more social? It doesn’t sound like it when the name “Face-down generation” is being used to describe people.  It has gotten to the point that even picking up the phone to call someone is something that seems to dictate an emergency to the younger generation – especially when unlimited texting is available.

Although these are all great advancements in social technology, what ever happened to the personal touch?  This may sound corny, but giving gifts that touch the heart has become even more important. It is increasingly easier to see if someone actually tried to buy you a gift that means something to you nowadays. A gift card is just another gift card at the end of the day, and everyone goes to Things Remembered store when they can’t think of anything original.  Lastly, saying happy birthday to someone on Facebook or sending them a birthday text just won’t cut it if you want to make it count.

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So how do you tell them that they are special to you without spending a ton of money?  The answer is adding sentimental value!  Try designing a personalized calendar made just for them.  Does your friend or significant other have a particular affinity towards baby pugs?  Have any inside jokes you would like to include? And the no-brainer: Have you taken pictures with them? These are all great ideas for adding sentimental value to your gift and showing that you genuinely care about them. Also, people check calendars pretty frequently, so why not have them be reminded you gave them that gift every day?

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