Flat Wave Amped Antenna Ramps Up Movie Night!

We all know how expensive every day costs can be, and a few years ago, my family hit our limit. In a effort to make our budget balance, we had to make a few sacrifices and the first thing to go was Direct TV. It was difficult at first, but we adjusted…until football season. While most games are broadcast on local stations, our antenna was just not great at picking them up clearly. Two years later and we are still going strong without cable, but we have found a secret weapon to combat those fuzzy football games, Flat Wave Amped Antenna!


Here is some information about this antenna: The Flat Wave is an enhanced dual band antenna that features state of the art ultra low noise preamplifier embedded directly at the elements, where 100% of the signal is amplified. Innovative USB power supply provides energy savings by only consuming power while the TV is powered on.

These features allow:

  • Amplified HDTV reception up to 50 miles
  • Revolutionary Clear Circuit Technology™ provides ultra low noise figure – 1.0 dB
  • Receives more channels
  • Minimizes pixelation and dropouts
  • Extra long mini coax makes finding the ideal location easy
  • Dual band reception means you don’t miss out on channels that other compact UHF-only antennas do

Flat Wave was nice enough to send my family an antenna to try. My husband was more than a little excited to take it out the box and see what it could do! It took him about 5 minutes to get it unpacked and connected to our TV. While we are still trying to figure out where it gets the best reception, we have definitely seen a difference compared to our old antenna. We can clearly get more local stations and they stay in tune. I like that it is flat and takes up very little space. Hubby loves that it is an HDTV Antenna, so it gives a clearer picture.


The Flat Wave Amped Indoor HDTV Antenna retails for $89.99 (with FREE shipping) and comes with: Antenna with embedded low noise digital amplifier, 18.5′ mini 59 coaxial cable (attached to antenna), 3′ USB power cable with 110V adapter, and Two 3M™ Command™ Brand Strips. It can be purchased online at Winegard.com or in stores at Costco. For more information about this product, be sure to follow Winegard on Facebook and Twitter.

This post was written by Renee of What Mommies Need.  While a sample was received to facilitate her review, all opinions remain 100% honest.


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