Claim Your Taste (and 15 Minutes of Fame) at Wendy’s!

This post is written by the Experimental Mommy.  While this is sponsored content, all opinions remain 100% mine.

Now that I am working outside of the home again, a fast lunch is a necessity.  I am lucky to have a Wendy’s close to my place of business which has a super fast drive through.  With Wendy’s Right Price Right Size Menu, I can customize my own “Tasty Trio” to fit my mood and appetite.

To spice things up a bit, Wendy’s gave each of their 18 Value Menu items a fun and catchy nickname.  By going to, you can select your favorite items and create a combo of your very own.  For example, I love the Chicken Caesar Wrap with a cold Coke followed by a chilly Frosty.  My Tasty Trio is the Fizzy Zippy MMMM!  Catchy, right?  I can totally hear a commercial jingle with that nickname!

It’s time for you to play along!  Watch the video below and then head to to create your own Tasty Trio!

Did you do it?  What’s your combo nickname?  Now, you have the opportunity to become a virtual spokesperson for the “Claim Your Taste” game!  Once you have selected your Tasty Trio, your Facebook profile photo will show up online, in place of the Wendy’s face, and will be visible to all of your Facebook friends on Wendy’s Facebook page,, custom banner ads, and more!

Now I want a Frosty.  Off to Wendy’s!  Don’t forget to enjoy your taste claims at a nearby Wendy’s and tell us what makes your trio a winner on Twitter using #ClaimYourTaste all year long!



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