It’s Time to Geek Out and Celebrate Pi Day! #MCPiDay

Math and Science Geeks UNITE! Today is National Pi Day! The day we celebrate that little mathematical constant than wreaked havoc on my grade in Physics, Calculus and many a science lab report.

π (better known as Pi)= 3.14159265359

Naturally, we celebrate National Pi Day on 3/14 (the first three digits of Pi).  I know you are thinking to yourself, “So, we are celebrating a number?  Come on, this has to be some sort of Internet scam.”  However, according to Wikipedia, the United States House of Representatives supported the designation of Pi Day in 2009.  At least they could agree on something, right?

The question remains, “How do we celebrate Pi Day?”  In heading over to Pinterest to find possible Pi Party ideas, I came across this:

Source: via Jodi on Pinterest

GENIUS.  So, π=Pie!  Any day that includes dessert is my kind of holiday!  As much as I am excited about my new found love for Pi Day, the reality is that I am a Mom who works outside the home and has little time for tasty homemade pies.  Walking down the grocery aisle, I had a an epiphany similar to the discovery of Pi….Marie Callender’s frozen pies!

Marie Callender’s offers a wide variety of dessert options such as coconut cream pie, key lime pie, peppermint pie and even a chocolate satin pie.  But knowing I had to face the kids when I returned home, I opted for their favorite Apple Pie.  After preheating the oven to 400 degrees, placing the pie in the oven and baking for 55 minutes, the house smelled divine.  Finally, the girls helped to crumble the cinnamon topping and we baked for an additional 10 minutes. This pie looks anything but frozen and could totally pass for homemade.

My girls are a bit young to understand the significance of Pi Day, but they sure were excited about eating pie! If you want to join me in celebrating Pi Day, print this $1.50 off a Marie Callender’s frozen pie at take it to any national retailer (expires March 31, 2013).  Need more inspiration?  Check out the Marie Callender’s blog for more tips on celebrating the most delicious mathematical number!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. Yum that looks delicious I have had MC pot pies but not dessert pies need to try these in a pinch!

  2. OMG! I love Apple Pie! And that graphic is hilarious! I showed it to hubby!

  3. Oh yum! The chocolate satin pie sounds so good I could eat one for breakfast!

  4. YUM! You just can’t go wrong with a tasty classic apple pie!!

  5. Yummo!!!!

  6. I love you and your geeky self!! JK… you are so not geeky even though you are super smart! Love me some pie!

  7. Oh the dreaded pi from school days! I so love your idea of a good pie much better!

  8. I’m gonna have me a pi day 🙂

  9. Can’t beat a well made crumble, yum!

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