Protect Your Identity When Buying a New Home With #LifeLock

After getting married, my husband and I rented an apartment for two years.  After learning to balance a budget and just live together in harmony, we decided it was time to brand out and buy a home.  It was a scary leap and one with many hiccups, but eventually we settled into our new home.  Looking back, we could have done a bit better as far as organizing and planning our big move especially now that I have LifeLock on my side.

For those of you thinking of buying a new home sometime in the near future, here is a list of things I wish I knew when I was the one in the process of a move ten years ago:

  • Clean out your files before moving and shred any paperwork containing personal information before discarding
  • While at work, do not access personal documents through your work desktop, laptop or tablet.  It can result in keyloggers and other malware breaching the firewall and infecting your work device.
  • Moving during tax season? Change your address before you move to prevent your W-2 or other financial documents get taken from your abandoned mailbox.
  • When moving, don’t carry your Driver’s License and Social Security Card in the same place.  That’s all a thief needs to steal your identity.
  • Put credit card receipts in a safe place when moving.  They may contain full card numbers!

If you are looking for more tips to protect your identity while buying a new home and moving, play LifeLock for Life Sweepstakes and even be entered to win great prizes including a $1,000 Visa Gift Card.

This post is the opinion of the Experimental Mommy.  As a LifeLock Ambassador, I am compensated for my time and effort but all opinions remain 100% mine.

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