A Lifetime Of Good Habits

As your kids grow, their needs change–clothes are outgrown, toys are thrown on the back burner, and the need for solid organizational foundations becomes all the more apparent. As things accumulate, the potential for clutter rises, and for kids, this can mean a lot of those last minute onrushes through mounds of stuff right before the school bus shows up that you as the parent dread. Instilling positive space management thoughts in their heads at a young age can work wonders on them as their time becomes all the more valuable with age–but are such ideas possible with simple, ill-equipped closets?

Going the route of adding closet organizers to your child’s bedroom closets will benefit both parties. Arming these areas with plenty of drawers, shelves, and an array of accessories such as hooks and baskets will increase the visibility of the space instantly, resulting in easier clean ups and more independence when it comes to finding items. As a parent, adding closet organizers will make the revolving door of different clothes and other items easier to operate. You won’t find large caches of shirts that your child doesn’t fit into anymore taking up valuable space in the back of the closet–you’ll be able to notice the trend of what is being worn and what isn’t, and donate these items before they cause you a headache.

With good habits instilled in them, your kids will be able to face the challenge of balancing school and extracurricular activities without the fear of losing things. The three-sport-athlete, burgeoning artist, and the Boy or Girl Scout will be able to keep track of all of their important items with closet organizers that can evolve with them.

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