Science, Education and Convenience: Good Reasons to Own an Aquarium?

Owning an aquarium can be a dreadful proposition to many moms and families. Who wants to add one more cleaning chore to an already busy schedule? Changing water, removing debris, cleaning filters, adding another item on the budget list, headaches when things go out of control are all compelling reasons not to foray into this hobby.

The benefits of caring for one are as compelling as the aforementioned drawbacks if not more. It’s relaxing, it’s rewarding, it’s beautiful and most importantly it is a wonderful way to bond with our kids and teach them valuable skills and knowledge while having fun. I like to think of an aquarium as a mirror image of a natural water ecosystem. It is the only instance where we can replicate such a wonder in our home and that only has fostered many interesting conversations with my 7 year-old son: “Papa, do fish breathe?” “Papa, do fish sleep-swim?” “How do they make baby?” “What’s an ecosystem?”

But I would have never had an aquarium had I not known about AquaBella Bio-Enzyme. And that product alone is another educational opportunity to talk about a world I am passionate about: the sleepless world of bacteria. See, this revolutionary product has all the benefits to make this hobby wholesome for busy parents: AquaBella Bio-Enzyme reduces maintenance to a bare minimum, making fish keeping more fun. Its essential bacteria and enzymes break down ammonia, nitrites, nitrates and reduce phosphates. This process results in crystal clear water, a healthy and vibrant aquarium ecosystem and no need to change water for a year, organically. The company stands by its breakthrough claim and guarantees “no water change for 1 year”.

AquaBella4Aquariums runs a monthly contest on facebook aimed at helping aquarists better appreciate the delicate balance of water ecosystem. This month, parents can ask their children to draw the “perfect water ecosystem” and enter a chance to win a trip to the public aquarium of their choice.

Price:     $22.95 for freshwater aquariums

$29.95 for saltwater aquariums

To order, go to or call 1-888-285-7665.

This post is brought to you by AquaBella.

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