How to Save for Your Prom Dress

Before your wedding day, there comes another occasion when you get to be a princess for a day. It is your prom, when you can enjoy to the fullest and celebrate your graduation. There is no prom without a dream-like, stunning prom dress that will make you look like the belle of the ball!

Getting your hands on the most spectacular prom dress can be difficult; the prettiest dresses can also be very pricey! So it is important to plan out your prom haul beforehand. Decide on what you want to wear, choose your budget, and then start saving for the big day.

The first step is to choose the dress; make sure you opt for a prom gown that flatters your body type. You can select between a flared gown, a short ballerina, a flowy gown, and the list goes on; in case you are indecisive, you can get an idea from the Dresses from Pick your color, and make up your mind about the kind of look you want.

Keeping in mind your prom dress budget, start saving. Cut down your weekly expenditures to a minimum, and set aside the saved amounts in one place. If your prom plans demand too much economic contribution, you may opt for a part time job that pays you extra. Last minute hassle for money is never pleasant, so begin collecting money at least two months in advance.

You can save money on other prom night add-ons like the limousine ride, salon treatments, professional hair and makeup services, and the after party. You can easily get the dress of your dreams if you improvise a little on these extra unnecessary prom rituals.

You don’t need a limo for a five minute ride, and every girl is talented enough to easily do her own hair and makeup. An expensive after party can be easily skipped if you plan a fun night out with your friends. Little must-haves like corsages can also be made at home, or you could simply rely on your prom date to get you one!

When the prom is around the corner, save on little expenses like eating out, feel-good shopping, or cab rides. Also, do not spend money on other accessories like prom shoes, jewelry and clutches. Be creative, and match a pair of shoes that is already sitting in your wardrobe. You can borrow your mum’s earrings and bracelets. Clutches are so easy to make, you can whip up a fabulous DIY job at home!.

Prom dresses are a memory to cherish for the rest of your life; so try not to opt for the rent-a-designer dress idea. Buy yourself the best dress in your budget, and flaunt it because it’s yours!

Remember, prom is not only about looking great on the outside; wear a dress that makes you feel wonderful on the inside too. At the end of the day, there will be only one prom queen, so all that matters is that you have the time of your life at your prom!

This post is brought to you by guest author, Jenna Smith.

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