Sweet Relish “Get What’s On Your List” Pinterest Contest

The winner of this giveaway is Jennifer Speed!  Congrats!

Last month, I told you about a new site, Sweet Relish, that has revolutionized the way I create wish lists for the holidays. In the past few weeks, I have created a Sweet Relish list on my absolute favorite things I hope to unwrap this Christmas morning. The best part? You can send your list to your friends and family and they can click through your link to purchase items from your list. Score!

Sweet Relish has recently added a Pinterest function that allows you to pin your relished item to a Pinterest board. In fact, you can pin your entire Sweet Relish list as one single pin to share with your followers. To celebrate, Sweet Relish wants to help you “Get What’s On Your List” this holiday season with a fun Pinterest contest!

ONE WINNER will get What’s On Their List in the form of a $250 VISA Gift Card! Follow these simple steps to play along:

1. Create a free Sweet Relish account at http://www.sweetrelish.com, create a new list entitled “Dear Santa” and relish at least 10 items. It may be helpful to install the Relish Toolbar!

2. Create a Pinterest board entitled “Dear Santa #SweetRelish” and pin 10 items DIRECTLY FROM YOUR SWEET RELISH LIST to your Pinterest board including #SweetRelish in the description of each pin.

3. Pin the contest graphic below to your Pinterest board and include #SweetRelish in the description.

4. Place a link to your “Dear Santa #SweetRelish” Pinterest board on the blog linky below. The winner will be selected from the linky.

5. Want an extra entry? Pin your ENTIRE Sweet Relish List in one pin to Pinterest using #SweetRelish in the description. Place the link to your pin in the linky below.

Need an example? Check out the board I created on Pinterest!



The contest is open to U.S. residents only and will close at 11:59pm CST on December 27, 2012. While compensated for my time and effort, all opinions remain 100% mine.


  1. i am sorry i accidentally posted my entry twice its number 48 and 45. I saw the info still showing up in the submit your link boxes so i hit submit link again but apparantly the info stays on there even after it accepts the entry. Could you delete one for me? thanks

  2. Carrie Cabral says:

    Carrie Cabral extra entry:

  3. http://pinterest.com/libragrl77/dear-santa-sweetrelish/ Thanks for the chance, that was fun! 🙂

  4. Extra entry..posted the whole list..

  5. I think mine double posted too, so sorry. It was just the extra entry… please delete #110. 🙁 Wish I had read the comments first!

  6. Georgette C says:
  7. Georgette C says:
  8. Extra entry–here’s my list: http://pinterest.com/pin/61220876156495152/

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