Rayovac Introduces Ready Power Technology

With Christmas just 21 days away, I am finishing up my Santa shopping and taking note of how many batteries we will need to power up the holiday.  We tend to buy new batteries during the holiday season because there is nothing more disappointing to a child when a new toy will not work due to expired batteries.  Because we tend to over buy batteries for these “just-in-case” moments, we waste an awful lot of our hard earned money.

As a Rayovac Power Blogger, I just learned that Rayovac just released batteries with their new Ready Power Technology!  The new Rayovac Ready Power batteries will far exceed the previous 7 year shelf life and will now guarantee to stay fresh for 10 years!  The geek in me wanted to know how they managed to extend the shelf life by an incredible 3 years, so I found this explanation in the press release:

“They include numerous advances to help control the internal stability of the battery including improved electrolyte utilization, refined corrosion inhibitors, and the use of ultra-pure materials for long-term stability. The battery closure has also been made more robust, creating a tighter seal for maximum reliability.”

All of the geeky Science behind the new improvement will definitely help my family ward off any Christmas morning disappointments for years to come.  I know now that by purchasing the Rayovac Ready Power batteries this holiday season, I can rely on them staying fresh for ten more years…until my daughters are 14 and 17 (moment of silence for the fact that I will have two teenage daughters in my home in just 10 years…OMG)!

Make sure you stock up on Rayovac batteries before Santa’s arrival.  Right now you can get Free Shipping on orders over $25 which will save you from the headache of standing in line at a crowded store…totally worth it!  Rayovac also has some fun ideas for stocking stuffers such as their glow sticks, party lights or USB car chargers all under $5.99.  Hope you have a powerful holiday season!

This post is the opinion of the Experimental Mommy.  While I am compensated for my time and effort as a Rayovac Power Blogger, all opinions remain 100% mine.

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