Geek Out with Today’s Sears Deal of the Day! #dealsoftheday

As a blogger, I simply would not be able to function without my Tablet.  In this business, it is imperative to be able to take your work with you and access the Internet at a moments notice.  However, my children find my Tablet fascinating and can’t seem to keep their hands off of it!  If Santa is listening, it would be so nice if the girls found their own Tablet under the tree this year.

If any of you have connections with the Jolly Santa that lives at the North Pole, can you point him in the direction of Sears’ Deal of the Day?  He can get his hands on this 9” Android 4.0 ICS Tablet PC Capacitive Touch Screen with 1.3GHz 4GB, 512MB DDR RAM & WiFi Camera for only $109.99 at Sears now!  About the product:

“SVP TPC-PA0952 9-inches Android 4.0 Tablet PC Smart Pad with Capacitive Touch Screen, A13 1.3GHz CPU, 4GB Internal Memory, WiFi Capability, Camera and more. This is a recommended Tablet Computer in the market with superior design, easy application and top performance. It is installed with mobile Internet and multimedia device, support general applications including game, education, business and home entertainment. This Tablet PC features fast speed and stronger performance, has a system that can upgrade and support multiple programs at the same time. Let the advanced technology change your burdensome life and work!”

I love the price of this Tablet!  It looks like the perfect starter for my girls without breaking the bank or Santa’s wallet.  Now, which apps should we get?

This is a sponsored post, I am a Sears blogger, though all opinions are my own.


  1. Hope your little ladies don’t read your blog…..

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