Who is Your Favorite 30 Rock Character?

Every once in a while, a TV show comes along that manages to appeal to a wide range of viewers. NBC’s “30 Rock” is one such show, presenting a weekly treasure trove of amazing and hilarious characters.

Who is your favorite?

Jack Donaghy: Jack is the head of NBC and Liz’s mentor, friend and boss.  Played by Alec Baldwin, Jack Donaghy is an ultra-conservative CEO figure. He and Liz have a symbiotic relationship that somehow gets them through unrelated situations with quirky advice to one another. While Jack tries to pull off the power-hungry façade, he frequently reveals his compassionate side. Of course, he shakes off praise for it in a gruff yet sheepish manner. After all, the strong executive cannot have it known that he has a soft side.

Jenna Maroney: Jenna is the female lead on the fictional show “TGS” featured in 30 Rock (run by Liz Lemon). Played by Jane Krakowski, she is the epitome of a selfish starlet trying to get by in a world that favors women 20 years younger. She exhibits sociopathic behavior and will often say lines like, “You look like the flashcard they told me meant ‘sad.’”

Kenneth Parcell: Kenneth, played by Jack McBrayer, was initially a supporting character, but his role grew into something more. As the son of a Georgian pig farmer, Kenneth is a backwoods boy trying to make his way in the heartless world of New York City. He is no longer an NBC assistant, but he still manages to perform page duties for the actors. As one of Tracy Jordan’s entourage, Kenneth delivers naiveté and farm-related similes with unparalleled innocence.

Liz LemonPlayed by Tina Fey (who also created “30 Rock”), Liz is the head writer of “TGS.” She is socially inept, a geek and one of the biggest fans that the “Star Wars” franchise has. Due to her social ineptitude and self-esteem issues, Liz often finds herself in awkward situations trying to please everyone. She is a bit of a prude and eschews most “girly” things.

Tracy Jordan: Tracy, portrayed by Tracy Morgan, is the self-centered star of “TGS.” He lives in a fantasy world in which he is the center of the universe, and his entourage works hard to keep the illusions in place so Tracy does not break down. Despite being married with children, Tracy frequently displays misogynistic behavior that he somehow gets away with. Liz often calls him on it, which leads to hilarious feuds between the two of them.

Each character is dysfunctional in an overblown yet relatable way.  Watch 30 Rock every Thursday to pick out yours!

This post is written by guest author, Jenna Smith.

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