Soothing Winter Colds with Chloraseptic and Luden’s

With the changing of the seasons, my allergies are less than amused.  Sneezing, congestion and a scratchy throat do not make for a fun holiday for myself of my children.  Thankfully, none of us have been seriously ill, but the allergy symptoms are getting old.  I decided to rely on two old friends for relief….Chloraseptic and Luden’s.

I can remember my Mom pulling out the bottles of Chloraseptic throat spray and sending me to school with Luden’s cherry throat drops when I was a child to help with soothe my irritated throat, so naturally I reach for the same products for my own children.  Unfortunately, my daughters inherited my allergy issues so I find myself grabbing for Chloraseptic’s Kid Spray and guess what?  They don’t go running!  They like the grape flavor and they know this product will provide instant relief.  I trust it because it is recommended by my pharmacist and it is alcohol, aspirin and sugar free.

Believe it or not, Mom’s get sick, too.  Because we normally have to push through the pain, Chloraseptic can help.  I have been on the job interview circuit lately which has required lots of talking and presentations to company executives.  When the pressure is off, I want a nice cup of hot tea to soothe my throat.  On days when I can’t stop for the tea, Chloraseptic has recently released a Warming Sore Throat Spray in Honey Lemon.  This product provides all the benefits of regular Chloraseptic (and it’s sugar free, too) but adds a nice warming feeling to soothe an irritated throat provided by phenol which is added to the new formula. It’s like hot tea “on the go!”  The new Chloraseptic® Warming Sore Throat Spray is available in a 6 fl. oz bottle with a suggested retail price of $6.25….totally worth it!

When running from one interview to another, I also keep a few of the new Luden’s Moisture Drops in my briefcase.  Talking to many different people and trying to land a new job can definitely cause dry mouth.  The Kiwi Strawberry flavor is yummy and it takes no time at all to pop in a drop and go!  While Luden’s has been soothing sore throats for over 130 years, the new Moisture Drops have a unique “HydroAction” formula to moisten dry mouths, a common problem that affects everyone at one time or another.

If you are battling allergies or an irritated throat, get to your local store and include Chloraseptic and Luden’s in your arsenal.  Don’t miss any of the latest news and deals by following Chloraseptic and Luden’s on Facebook!  How do you deal with an itchy, scratchy throat?

This post is the opinion of the Experimental Mommy.  While a sample was received to facilitate this review, all opinions remain 100% mine.

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