Sears Creates Season’s “Must-See” Movie #ConnectingFlights

As a blogger, I have gotten the opportunity to travel way more than I ever have before.  Trips to New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Cincinnati and Chicago have all been a blast, but becoming a seasoned traveler has certainly had it’s hiccups.  From a terminal evacuation to chasing a departing flight, air travel can be challenging.

While waiting for a delayed flight, I sat at my gate trying to catch up on some blog work never paying any attention to the people around me.  After a while, the sparkle coming from the seat next to me caught my eye and I realized I was sitting next to a very glamorous Kim Kardashian.  I was shocked that she was traveling alone as I always pictured her surrounded by body guards, so I wasn’t totally convinced of her identity.  Finally, another blogger I was traveling with got up the nerve to ask for a picture and autograph and Kim was most gracious.  Who would’ve thought that a delayed flight would turn into a brush with fame?!

This holiday season, Sears wants to know who (or what) you “run into” at the airport.  Check out this short video for some inspiration:

Finally, a “movie” about bloggers!  How did I miss this casting call??  Tell me someone you ran into while catching a #connectingflight!

This is a sponsored post.  I am Sears blogger, though all opinions are my own.

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