Manage the Black Friday Madness with the new RetailMeNot #CouponsApp

There are less than 48 hours until the Black Friday madness begins. In fact, in our area I have seen people lining up already to get the best deals of the season. Me? Not so much. I would rather stay at home and plan a strategy from the comfort of my sofa and fortunately the new RetailMeNot iPhone app can do just that!

While my hubby placed the iPhone app on his phone, I actually have an Android phone and I was able to find the app and download it, too.  In seconds, I have tons of coupons at my fingertips while I am on the go looking for the perfect gifts for family and friends.

Upon opening the app, RetailMeNot allows you to type in the name of a store to search for coupons.  My daughter has asked Santa for clothes from Justice, so I was able to find many deals while standing in the store ready to check out.  You can also browse the hottest deals, most popular stores and categories such as auto, electronics, clothing or food.

One of my favorite features is that you can save the coupons you love in a favorites list plus you can share the deal with family and friends by posting to Facebook.  Plus, you can get an alert when coupons you saved are about to expire so you don’t miss any deals.  On the iPhone, you can also find location based coupons which point you in the direction of major money savings using geo-fencing!  How exactly does that work?  A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter set around a physical retail location.  When you enable this function and enter a geo-fenced location like a shopping mall, the RetailMeNot coupons app is immediately alerted about relevant offers nearby.  Want more info?  Check out this video that highlights all the cool features included in the app.

Need more incentive?  Play the “Come on get h-App-y!” Sweepstakes at RetailMeNot!  From November 19-November 26th, RetailMeNot is giving away an iPhone 5 every single day!  If you are ready to start saving money and tackle Black Friday, download the RetailMeNot iPhone App and get organized today.

This is a sponsored post from One2One Network and All opinions stated are my own.

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