Gift Idea for Backyard Fun

Kids love playing in the backyard. But they have changing preferences, and that’s why they demand new fun ideas and games on a regular basis. After all, childhood and adolescence are the epitomy of innovation. If you want the kids to have some fun in the backyard without hurting themselves, then the JT SplatMaster z100 Pistol is a good option for you.

Their backyard toys come with capsules that are non-toxic.  The soft marble sized balls are biodegradable and produce an orange gooey splat. The impact of the splat is very low, and the velocity is only 110-140 per second.

This toy is all about safety. It comes with great eye protection goggles and extra face protection gears. The goggles add to the whole ‘look’, and the kids won’t be complaining about them. Both the protection gears and goggles act as an integral part of the uniform. As a mother, you’re less likely to be worried.

With JT SplatMaster, the kids have all kind of game options. For a more relaxing and fun time, you can enforce the rules while the kids play. The packaging also includes several pages of directions, which the kids can read, and you can further clarify them.

The packaging also states that the orange goo can easily be washed away, without leaving any traces on the objects. If the goo is splashed on the clothes, it would come off easily, without leaving any stains.You can first design obstacle course-like activities, and after the kids have gained experience, you can design a player against player competition for them.

The box includes the SplatMaster with one magazine, 1 cocking handle, 1 target, 1 cleaning stick, a barrel blocking device and game ideas that come on the back of a set of instructions. Operating is simple. It requires you to hit the magazine eject button, lower and secure the spring in its location, hold the ball holder down and load in 7 rounds. After that, load the marker back with the magazine, pull the slide back, push it forward, and make sure the safety is off. Now all that is required is to aim and pull. Loading the next round is easy, and again, you’re required to pull back and push forward. The accuracy has a good range, with a distance of 100+ feet offered.

You can either go for the SplatMaster z100 Pistol, or the JT SplatMaster z200. Z100 comes in blue while z200 comes in red. JT SplatMaster is the ultimate source of safe backyard fun for your kids.

This post is brought to you by guest author, Jenna Smith.

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