Family Fun This Christmas

From late October through January most people are extremely busy. There’s lots of shopping to do and functions and events to attend. In the mist of all this it can be easy to lose track of your priorities. Although you carefully choose adorable girls and boys pajamas your kids will wear on Christmas, you may overlook a more important detail, which is planning fun family activities during the holiday season.

As the big day gets closer anticipation of holiday fun is growing for all. Taking the time to plan a few activities that include all ages can be rewarding. In the end you will have a good time with those you love and you will be creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Decorating Can Be a Family Event

Although you may insist on doing certain aspects of your holiday decorating yourself, including the family in the process can be a wonderful experience. You can consider things like making popcorn garland, adding glitter to pine cones to create ornaments, or even making snowmen out of Styrofoam balls. Use pipe cleaners to create reindeer and Santa Claus. Simple craft projects are easy to do and the outcome is a collection of holiday items that become keepsakes.

You can turn decorating into a time for a Christmas song sing-along. The experience can be even more special if you have some delicious holiday treats on hand. After the decorating is done you and your family members can relax with the treats and enjoy the new holiday décor. This may be the perfect time to watch a favorite holiday movie.

Letters to Santa

Writing letters to Santa is a traditional holiday activity that many families enjoy. Just gather your favorite craft supplies and get creative. A well-supplied craft box will have everything you need to make this experience fun and easy. Construction paper and pretty envelopes are ideal. Add some glitter and Christmas stickers and you have the start to a beautiful Santa letter.

One of the benefits of making this a family activity is that it is a great way to find out exactly what your kids want or expect at Christmas. As a parent you should have Santa’s address on hand. This helps keep the belief in the magic of Santa alive.

Other Activities

Traditional winter activities, like sled riding, ice skating, and drinking hot cocoa can help make the season special. Whether you choose to indulge in theses treats on a regular basis throughout the holidays or you save them as a way to celebrate Christmas Day, the time spent together with your family will be memorable.

This post is brought to you by guest author, Jenna Smith.

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