Tide’s “Show Us Your Colors” Sweepstakes

What do the colors black and gold mean to you?  To me, they mean New Orleans.  The Saints.  Football.  Fun.  Family.  Heritage.  Culture.  And so much more.  After Hurricane Katrina drowned my beloved City, the streets were dark, the homes were empty and the people were gone.  The Saints had to move their season elsewhere and the City seemed dead.  In the days following the Storm, the Fleur de lis featured on the Saints’ jerseys, became a symbol to New Orleanians of hope, rebirth, renewal and most importantly, unity.

The day the Superdome reopened and the Saints came home is a day that will live in my memory forever.  The rush and pure elation filled the City and at that moment we had something for which to live.  We had hope.  We had laughter.  We had the New Orleans Saints!

As you can tell, black and gold mean much more to New Orleanians than just the color of our jerseys.  Fortunately, Tide helps us protect the colors that have become a part of our soul.  I am so happy to announce that I will be a Tide/NFL Ambassador and over the next few months I will bring you the latest stories and news about how Tide can help protect that beloved Team jersey.  Recently, Tide kicked off a multi-year sponsorship of the NFL and all of it’s 32 teams with the “Show Us Your Colors” campaign.  Fans are encouraged to upload a photo of their families proudly “Showing Your Colors” onto Tide.com or the brand’s Facebook page through November 30, 2012 for a chance to win an all expense paid trip for two to Super Bowl XLVII right here in  New Orleans!  Plus, the NFL team that has the most uploads will win $15,000 to the charity of their choice.

What do your team’s colors mean to you?

This post is the opinion of Experimental Mommy.  As Brand Ambassador, I am compensated for my time and effort.  All opinions remain 100% mine….even my strong dislike of the Atlanta Falcons.


  1. I am not an NFL person but my siblings are crazy for the Steelers!

  2. Wow, what an amazing uplifting behind such a tragedy. How cool!!! Even though I love this post and your sentiments behind your colors though I do have to stay true to my Cowboys. My colors symbolize to me, family fun. I love that my girls get into the sport as much as we do.

  3. Staying true to GA bulldogs! LOL! Ok, so I have no NFL team 🙂


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