The Pumpkin Headed Turkey Claus Can Save You Money!

Consider yourself warned!  There are only 67 more days till Christmas!  Have you started your holiday shopping?  Before having children, I didn’t start my holiday shopping until Black Friday.  It just didn’t seem right to shop for Christmas when we hadn’t even celebrated Thanksgiving yet.  However, now that I have two daughters, shopping early is a must!  It never fails that the girls want the “it” toy of the year that is impossible to find.  These gifts take time and perseverance to find so I have to start as soon as the “Dear Santa” letters are written.

Fortunately, the Pumpkin Headed Turkey Claus is ready and willing to help me find the best deals this holiday season.  You ready that right….Pumpkin Headed Turkey Claus…do you not know him?  He is the King of OctoNovemCember, that magical shopping season when the great deals from one-day-only holiday sales are available every day!  The Pumpkin Headed Turkey Claus travels the World to bring you the best deals from stores both big and small to help you save the most money this season. Starting in just 3 days, head to OctoNovemCember at to grab the much anticipated “Deal of the Day” and get your holiday shopping on!

Still confused?  Check out the video below.  The King of OctoNovemCember really does exist!

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This is a sponsored post from One2One Network and All opinions stated are my own.

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