Haley Reviews the new WWE Toys from Mattel

I’m turning the blog over tonight to my youngest guest writer, Haley Marie (age 9).  She is a total WWE Fan and is my go-to girl when I need a WWE product or show reviewed on Experimental Mommy.  Here is her take on the new WWE Toys from Mattel.

Dear WWE,

I want to thank you for all the WWE toys. When I got to my house and saw the box with my name on it from WWE I thought wow, what is this about? My mom did not tell me this was coming to me. My sister and I were so excited to open it. When I saw what was in the box I had goose bumps all over my body. I was so excited!!!  I LOVE all of them. I appreciate you thinking of me and giving me this opportunity to experience your toys.

The John Cena Brawling Buddy from Mattel is AWESOME!!! I used to use my pillow to play wrestling but now that I have my brawling buddy to wrestle with.  He is so soft but yet so tough, not like a stuffed animal. I love the different sound effects he makes when I hit him or when I slam him down on the ground or bed. When he says, “You Can’t See Me” or “You Want Some, Come Get Some” I feel like I am really in the ring with him. Another good thing is, when he gets wet, I just wipe him off.  I sleep with him every night. My mom said he is the best boyfriend to have!!

The WWE Mini Rumblers and Flip Out Ring are so cool. I really like them because I can bring them with me wherever I go. They all fit nicely in my bag to go places. I have brought them to my grandparents’ house, football games, my friends’ houses, and on road trips. They are super neat and I really like the way they are mini because I can play with more than 2 at a time because they fit in my hands. They also stand up really good on the ring. Miz, Randy Orton and John Cena wrestle every night in my room.

The Sheamus WWE Rumblers Apptivity was really neat. We do not have an Ipad yet but I was able to download on a friend’s Ipad to play. I could not believe how realistic the wrestlers and the lighting were on the screen. It was fun knocking them out and training with all the different moves. The instructions were very informative. I cannot wait till I get an iPad and play more each and every day!

My twin sister likes to play with Barbie but I like to play with WWE! She has her Barbies come to the wrestling matches as I play. All of my friends think I am cool because usually girls don’t play with these kinds of toys but I tell them all the time WWE is not just for boys, it’s for girls too!

WWE’s #1 FEMALE Fan,

                                                         Haley Marie

p.s. WWE will have a program during a popular TV kids’ time slot on Saturday mornings!  WWE Saturday Morning Slam debuted on August 25 at 10 a.m. on The CW.  Have you seen it?

This post is the opinion of Haley of Experimental Mommy.  While product was received to facilitate this review, all opinions are 100% honest.


  1. What an adorable little guest blogger you are!!! I love your pajamas and your blog review was spot on!!! And your mom really is right about the best boyfriend, at least until you’re in your 20s. Great job Haley and thanks for the update on the show!!

  2. What an awesome review you gave! I think it is cool that you like WWE and who says girls can’t like stuff like that? I love football and boys have always though it was cool that I’m not the girl who groans once the game comes on but rather gets pumped and cheers!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the products!

  3. lol… my DAUGHTER will probably argue her “WWE’s #1 FEMALE Fan” status… but in a friendly way… promise! ☺ (don’t count on her outgrowing this… my daughter is now 21… lol)

  4. Super cute that she is all about the WWE!

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