This is how I Chino.

After 17 years working in a microbiology laboratory, I can honestly say my wardrobe is mundane.  In the lab, I wore clothes that I didn’t mind ruining with bleach or the chemical of the day.  Now that I am a stay at home Mom, I can’t say that my wardrobe selection has gotten any better.  Most days, I throw on some lounge pants or if I want to get fancy….jeans.  I am hoping to return to the workforce soon and have started looking for clothes to suit my new office environment.  I will have to break out of my usual bleached jeans and comfy sweatpants and find something more professional.

Fortunately, Lands’ End opened my eyes to the chino.  Up until now, I thought chinos were drab and baggy khaki colored pants.  I had no idea they came in fun colors and many different fit and styles, too!  Lands’ End has asked me and 25 other bloggers to take the Chino Challenge by styling a pair of their super soft chinos to fit my own lifestyle.  I chose the women’s fit 2 slim ankle chino in light raspberry.

So, this is how I chino.

Look One: An outfit for my new job (hopefully).  I paired the chino with a classic white blouse layered under a short sleeved blazer and ramped up with some sassy heels and a patent handbag.  I was honestly surprised at how comfortable I felt in the chino.  They fit incredibly well and were not baggy at all!

Look Two: An outfit for a school meeting or casual dinner party.  I took a risk here and paired the light raspberry with a tan and yellow striped sweater.  I tend to try to be too “matchy-matchy” with my outfits, so I tried to channel my inner Stacy London and find an outfit that “goes” rather than “matches.”  What do you think?  I finished this look with nude patent ballet flats and a silver necklace.

Look Three:  An outfit for a playdate, shopping or just having fun!  I decided to go casual for this look by rolling up the chinos a bit more and pairing with sandals.  The fun graphic tee is complimented by a skinny floral belt (which I LOVE).

Three completely different looks, one pair of Lands’ End chinos.  The fit was true to size and since I am 5’3″, I went with the petite length.  The chinos are incredibly comfortable and more versatile than I originally thought pre-challenge. I will definitely be adding to my chino collection this Fall!

So, how do YOU chino?

This post is the opinion of Experimental Mommy.  While a pair of chinos were supplied to facilitate this review, all opinions remain 100% mine.



  1. I had no idea that chinos were that cute! All 3 outfits look amazing (partly because the pants are awesome and partly because you’re adorable) but I have to go with #1 as my favorite. I’d hire you!

  2. Very fashionable!! Previously, I would have never purchased raspberry, but you make it look so cute, I just might. Love all the outfits and I would hire you in a second.

  3. Charity L. says:

    I like all the outfits! They are really cute and go well together. Good job modeling Chino!

  4. Wow. You look great. May have to check it out for my office days.

  5. Love the new look!
    I live in jeans and would be very comfortable trying all 3 of the chino looks!

  6. Jody @ Mommy Moment says:

    I love all the looks 🙂 You are beautiful and I must say that color looks great on ya!

  7. Adorable! I have been so scared of colored pants. I always go with black or navy. Then I saw some teal skinny jeans and these raspberry??? Soooo pretty!

  8. Bridgette, give me those chinos! I love the egg plant purple color. You definitely pull off each look very nicely!

  9. I love Lands’ End for my kids but I’ve never bought any of my clothing from there. You just inspired me to give them a try. They have a 25% coupon today too if I’m not mistaken 🙂

  10. I LAHOVE that first look!!! It says, “Hire me, because I’m as stylish as I am smart!”

  11. I totally love that third look! And you are short like me 🙂 The colored pants are adorable. Now. I want a a pair of Chinos.

  12. You look adorable in all three looks! Chinos are great to wear for any occasion. You dressed them up really nicely and they even look great for the casual look.

    What a great way to save some money!

  13. Gorgeous chinos! I love the colour, and how you have styled them. They really are versatile.

  14. Way to work those pants! I wouldn’t have thought to call them chinos… they aren’t beige!

  15. Super cute! Those Chinos are so adorable, love looks #1 and 3! That color is awesome. (and I love the handbag in #1!)

  16. They look fantastic on you I love the Yellow stripes with the purple/plum

  17. Sooooo cute. Love the second look. And now I must consider outfits that “go” rather than “matchy-match” I’m totally guilty of that. Super cute, B.

  18. Wow… those are three fabulous looks. I love those pants. Lands’ End is awesome.

  19. I haven’t considered looking for, buying or wearing chinos in ages. Now I want a few pairs. I love all three looks!

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