Soothe Baby’s Skin with Gentle Naturals {Giveaway}

Fall is fast approaching us and for my daughter the cooler weather means her eczema is going to get worse.  This is around the time of year that I start preparing her skin for the harsh winter weather.  I have tried countless washes, lotions and creams and nothing really seems to work.  A few weeks ago we started using the Gentle Naturals Eczema Relief Cream and Wash which has recently won the Parent Tested Parent Approved Winner’s Seal from North America’s largest volunteer parent testing community.

The Eczema Wash is so easy to use, simply put a couple of caps full of the wash into your child’s bath water.   The wash has left my daughter’s skin smooth and moist and she is not scratching, because there is very little dry, itchy skin.   The best part the wash is all natural and contains aloe and vitamins D and E.

We have also been using the Gentle Naturals Eczema Relief Cream religiously.  In the past I have hated to put the eczema cream on arms and legs, because it was so thick and greasy.  The cream goes on more like a lotion, and does not leave my little one looking like a grease ball.  Also, it doesn’t have a medicine smell that is common with other creams.  The cream has definitely cleared up most of her eczema but more importantly, it has stopped any new spots from forming so far.  The cream helps to stop the itch and keep skin moist.

Also available is Gentle Naturals Tummy Soother which promotes healthy digestion and is formulated to sooth stomach discomfort of babies and young children.  Tummy Soothers is all natural and includes ingredients such as ginger that have been a home remedy for generations. Gentle Naturals® Cradle Cap Treatment is specially formulated to help remove crusty flakes and moisturize baby’s scalp. Its light non-greasy formula is made with natural ingredients: calendula and Vitamin D.  There is also a gentle massaging brush to help rid your little one of that annoying cradle cap.

Lastly, Gentle Naturals Homepathic Teething Drops help to relieve that dreaded teething.  I hate to give  my children medicine unless I know for sure what is wrong, and a lot of times you aren’t sure if they are teething or just having a bad night.  The teething drops have a good taste and come in liquid form which makes it easy to give your little one.  With its all natural ingredients it will calm your little one an relieve the pain.

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  1. right now the teething drops would be well needed

  2. Gentle Naturals Eczema Relief Cream is what we need most since several of my kids have eczema.

  3. this is a great giveaway!!

  4. I need the Eczema Relief Cream the most.

  5. heather eg kaufman says:

    Gentle Naturals® Cradle Cap Treatment

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