Our Favorite NOLA Sights #seemoresights

New Orleans.  N’Awlins.  NOLA.  The Big Easy.  Home.  No matter what you call my City, there is no denying  that it’s residents have a zest for life unmatched by any other location in the world.  My husband and I were both born in New Orleans and have never left the City and culture so engrained in our heritage….not even after Hurricane Katrina.

Besides the fact that our families live here, there are many reasons why we love New Orleans.  The food, the culture, the music, the festivals…did I mention the food?  But one thing we love to do as a family is play tourist on our hometown.  There is never a reason to be bored in New Orleans because there is always something to see or do.  The kids love our state of the art Aquarium of the Americas and we love it because it is air conditioned for those sweltering summer days.  My husband and I love to go to the Riverwalk and stare onto the busy Mississippi River while eating some delicious beignets.

But there is no denying that our favorite time of the year in New Orleans is Mardi Gras!  You will find us on the parade route yelling, “Throw Me Somethin’, Mista!” while catching beads, doubloons and cups just about every night for two straight weeks.  On Mardi Gras day, we are fortunate enough to ride on a float and be the ones throwing the trinkets to the crowd.  The sights of New Orleans and tourists alike having the time of their lives and throwing caution to the wind is exhilarating.

All of the sights here in New Orleans are a feast for the eyes!  My sight is truly something I want to protect for many years to come as well as the sight of my children.  Did you know that 50% of vision loss can be prevented by having regular comprehensive eye exams?  Since my kids were 3 years old, we have been getting their vision checked and *knock on wood* everything looks good so far.  If you feel strongly about your kids’ vision, make the “My Eye Promise!”  By submitting the promise to have regular eye exams, Transitions Optical will donate a book to the new mobile literacy initiative, Bess the Book Bus.

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