Once Upon a Time, I Wanted To Be A Cowgirl

When I was little, I had lofty goals.  However unrealistic, I had dreams of becoming a princess, a mermaid or a cowgirl.  Because I didn’t know any princes and lacked a tail, I figured I should set my eyes on cowgirl (after all, I did look good in the hat).  Many Halloween nights, I dressed as a cowgirl and pretended to ride off into the sunset…until I learned that I am terrified of horses.

Living in New Orleans, I have attended many Mardi Gras parades.  Almost all of these parades are lead by various Equestrian Clubs or policemen riding horseback.  I was always in awe of the gorgeous horses and beautiful costumes showcased during the parade!  If you’ve never been to Mardi Gras, the crowds are quite large and for a young girl being pushed towards a rather ginormous horse can be incredibly scary.  At that point, whenever the horses came by, I made my way to the back of the crowd to avoid being trampled.  And that ended my cowgirl career.

New Orleans Equestrian Center

Fortunately, my kids have not inherited my fear of horses and have even begged for riding lessons.  Here in New Orleans, we do have a great Riding Academy at the Equest Farm.  While we have yet to begin our classes, I have often thought of having a birthday party here for my girls.  Before classes begin, I will have to take a minute to check out the riding boots at Equestrian Clearance and Mark Todd Rugs to keep warm.

Have your kids taken riding lessons?  Any tips before we consider signing up?



  1. Jennifer says:

    Macy started taking lessons there when she was 4! We have recently taken a break and will be going back once the heat is away. Love Equest Farms! & She had her birthday party there when she was 5 and everyone had a great time!
    Your site is so helpful & informative 🙂

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